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Apocalypse World / Re: Extended Mediography
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:00:26 PM »
I mentioned this in another thread, but when LISA comes out, and even now with the vague hints to the plot, is great inspiration for a very bizarre and truly hellish postapocalyptic sausagefest. The latest trailer has even more tantalizingly excellent fuckery than I knew of from the first teaser demo and info on certain game mechanics and themes. My favorite bits that really show what this game is about are when/how the "big bad gang leader" rides on up, Brad's memories of his and Ricky's lives before all... THIS, paired with Brad's angry beatdown, (What the FUCK did you do, Ricky? Jesus...) and finally, Timmy Carrots and Percy Peas biting the big one. Death, even the deaths of your adversaries, hit hard. I think that battles always end with the same tune, "Gotta Die Sometime." Either you hear it at your victory(?) or the Game Over screen. You don't win because you're a "hero" or "special," and sometimes deaths don't mean all whole lot. One dies, the other continues fighting. It's kinda senseless, but sometimes you can't avoid it. Then the next bit of media on Greenlight is the goofy teaser from early on. "The end of humanity? ... The end of humanity." It's also interesting the see the spider mazes from the spiritual precursor make a return. Yes, that's Brad's face.

Man, I wish I'd had the money to support the Kickstarter.

There are a lot of other things I want to mention here, but it's easier for me to do them one at a time. I think I've got about 3 more things to mention here, one for the '"different" apocalypse' thread, and another idea that would work best as a new thread.

Apocalypse World / Re: Play Aids Index
« on: January 01, 2014, 06:33:04 PM »
For any game that used a d6, I found out about Doublesix Dice when by looking for soundtrack info for the first Lisa game, stumbling upon the Kickspy page for its spiritual successor, LISA the painful RPG, which barfs forth all sorts of apocalyptica, and seeing Doublesix Dice among the also backed list. Do such dice seem like a good idea/investment or a stupid one?

Apocalypse World / Re: Custom moves for a Cosmic Horror game
« on: October 12, 2013, 04:37:49 PM »
If you want to give the mechanic real teeth, then when they reach 3 o'clock, tell the player "This stuff is starting to make sense to you, take +1 forward for attempts to understand the geography of the Impossible City/read the literature of [untranslatable]/communicate with the alien flesh robots."

Ooh, nice- mad insight! That's right down my alley; I already meet the prereqs.

the nerve core / Re: Can't Preview Posts & Private Messages Eaten
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:38:48 PM »
Thanks, man. I understand about things taking time to get done and the fact that it can take time to just get every thing in place to get started. You're great. You're really on top of things, and you're just really cool about things.

I think so. Richard is you. The woman from the end of Decadence wears the Don Juan mask.

Someone else actually posted a link somewhere presenting that as an example of a Savvyhead. I can't figure out who or where. Wish I could give credit where credit is due.

I actually decided to find something to lock the mouse to the monitor so it wouldn't go over to the TV and lose focus, and finally finish Hotline Miami tonight. Is is me, or are the Biker levels really easy? I feel like I died a lot less and got much better rankings on those levels.

Have you seen the preview footage for the sequel? I understand why they chose the song Beams by the band Tape as the theme for the teaser trailer. It really is emblematic of the tone of the game. I mean the last scene of the demo is intense. It seemed funny at first, but quickly became awful and sad. Not really horrifying, because it was a foregone conclusion. And then the demo cuts to a Game Over screen with Beams playing. Cactus and Dennis are masters of fuckery.

Sorry for the derail. I just fucking love h?u?r?t?i?n?g? ?o?t?h?e?r? ?p?e?o?p?l?e? Hotline Miami. At some point soon I want to make some Hotline Miami-themed supplemental masks for the Faceless. They wouldn't just be rewards; as relics of 50 Blessings, and Jacket in particular, they serve as a vehicle to introduce fuckery into the game. I want to try and build some fuckery into the masks by detailing their agendas as mentioned by the Norman move. I imagine Rasmus as having an obsession with secrets, practically hoarding them, and lashing out in a hostile, accusitory, recriminating manner at the wearer. "I don't know you! Why are you here? You're no guest of mine!"

Freaky example of a Savvyhead from eXistenZ.

If you decide to do some of the LE playbooks, here's a shitload of Faceless:
"Do you like hurting other people?"
"Here's a question for you... why are you wearing that mask?"
"Hi, it's 'Kate' from Hotline Miami's dating service. We have set up a date for you this evening. She'll be waiting for you ar Southwest 53rd Place. As usual, make sure you wear something fancy." Interestingly, this gameplay footage is not true to the final version of the game. However, the character in this footage is reused as the Pig Butcher, the star of Midnight Animal, a slasher flick in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, based very loosely on the events of the first game.
Obviously, masks are not this disposable in Apocalypse World. Fuck, Golden Age Miami was a great place for Faceless.
Footage courtesy of the Fans

Man, Hotline Miami is all about Faceless.

the nerve core / Can't Preview Posts & Private Messages Eaten
« on: August 24, 2013, 11:54:39 PM »
As the title says, I can't preview posts. The preview never loads. Also, I can't send private messages. I lost the first draft of a message to benhamill finding out. I managed to save the second draft, and added a rant to the third attempt, which still didn't work. You see, it takes a long time to try and send the message, and then it gives some error. If you need to know what the specific error is, I can find out. I'm sick of copy/pasting everything into Notepad out of fear of losing it.

Well it's not the US cover art, but I think the Spanish edition's front cover's pretty sweet.

I'm confused by the names you rattle off as "just straightforward additional characters." You mention "the faceless, the hoarder, the maestro d', the restless, the touchstone" - wait, what restless? Is this an early name for one of the playbooks? It just really piqued my curiosity.
I love all the material that's new to me, namely the space marine mammal, the supplemental walkingsuit rules, the large-scale weapons and harm rules, and oh boy, the Macaluso. I was expecting the Space Marine Mammal, and I knew there would be an additional playbook- I had no idea... holy shit, a fucking hivemind! Your playbooks are never boring, and now they're beyond interesting. I was excited about the SMM, but the Macaluso blew me away.
I felt like there was something else I wanted to say, but I can't think of what it is anymore. Oh well, maybe later.

the nerve core / PDF Bookbinder & Book Craft
« on: August 23, 2013, 10:37:03 PM »
There's an old 3-post thread started by benhamill in which he asked about printing out a rulebook for binding and never got a satisfactory response. While doing research to learn about using Scribus, I found a program called PDF Bookbinder, which will divide and arrange a PDF document into signatures.
Then there's the task of binding, and it seems to be a hell of a task. This set of links to DIY tutorials compiled by people from 4chan's /diy/ might be a good start. If you're more ambitious, this is a guide to case binding.
Some may want to bind a softcover book. Brad Isaac has a decent method, but I think I'd want to try a thermal binding method. I do like his book binding device, though. This seems like a good thermal binding guide. I think I'd use Brad Isaac's book binder design to hold the signatures together and notch the signatures at the spine to get an effect similar to perfect binding, the most common paperback binding technique.
I hope this post helps someone. I might use some of this info to print and bind some digital only books someday.

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbook focus: The Gunlugger
« on: August 22, 2013, 03:23:55 PM »
Shit, man. I can't figure out if Fiona Glenanne is a Gunlugger or an operator. I just looked at the playbook, and of course, she's a Gunlugger with Moonlighting. I need to find a group, because the best way to get to know a game it to actually play it.

Apocalypse World / Re: Extended Mediography
« on: August 03, 2013, 02:35:06 PM »
If you haven't seen Beasts of the Southern Wild, check it out.

Apocalypse World / Re: Real Bone Dice for the Apocalypse & tremulus
« on: May 17, 2013, 03:38:20 PM »
razorwise over at Reality Blurs is curious about the bone dice. I figured I'd post my response on both boards.
I've been holding out. They're not gonna get cheaper and it's still gonna be a while before I get a job. I'd feel I could spare the money if not for the three Kickstarters I jumped on: Code Monkey Save World for $35, Golden Sky Stories for $115, and OVA Revised for $15. They were too good to pass up. I'll probably spring for the dice when tremulus ships.
Later I think I'll try to make a dice bag based on the bags containing the other three victims tongues from Corpse Party. They're bloodstained hemp bags. Sachiko's bag's design doesn't work as well as the drawstring ones, I think. Be warned, there are major spoilers, but you can see here. I just think that'd be a KVLT dice bag for bone dice.

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