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Dungeon World / Re: PDF For Sale
« on: March 07, 2014, 05:01:39 PM »
I've emailed DTRPG; in the color PDF the text is corrupt.

I'm really against any more editing (there are like, thousands of PDFs distributed across multiple websites and it seems silly to do addendums now). I was considering either a follow-up or submitting to the e-zine.

Perhaps it could be offered for free download via DTRPG/RPGNow, that way if there's any further edits/fixes we'll be notified...

Is the source text file available for our own edits?

I posted this DW Guide feedback on the forums, figured I'd post it here as well:

Ok I've read and digested the DW Guide; the combat example at the end was perfect, by that point I was able to follow along and realize I would probably do similar things the GM did. And on page 52, "How big are the rubies": I totally laughed out loud at that, considering it was the Wizard asking rather than the Thief!

In return for this amazing guide, I humbly offer some editing feedback (for an eventual 1.3 update perhaps?):

Page 2: 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence, extra space between "be" and "confusing"
Page 3: 1st paragraph, put a ";" after "Deal Damage" instead of ","
Page 5: 1st paragraph, 1st sentence, there's an extra "."
Page 5: 1st paragraph, 3rd sentence, remove "it" before "tells", change "tells" to "telling"
Page 6: 2nd boxed area, need a space between "an" and ""immediate"
Page 7: bottom of boxed area, need a space between "-1" and "forward"
Page 8: near bottom of boxed area, change "," after location to ".", add another space, and capitalize "they're"
Page 11: near end of 3rd paragraph, is "some thing" meant to be 2 words or "something"?
Page 11: boxed area, change all ", what do you do?"s to ". What do you do?"
Page 12: at the top, in the first 2 sentences, there are 2 extra "the"s
Page 12: 1st paragraph, 4th sentence, change "," after counterattack to ";"
Page 12: 1st paragraph, 3rd-to-last sentence, change ";" after one to ".", and another space, and capitalize "this"
Page 14-17, 19, 27-33: capitalize all instances of "move" to ensure consistency
Page 15: 2nd paragraph, "determining" mis-spelled
Page 19: 2nd paragraph, 5th sentence, replace "," after "moves"(another needed capitalization) with ";"
Page 19: end of 2nd paragraph, capitalize "xp"
Page 24: boxed area, 2nd sentence, change "," after points to "." and add another space
Page 24: boxed area, 2nd Cleric statement, change "." after "6" to ","
Page 27: 4th paragraph, 3rd sentence, remove "," after "moves"(another needed capitalization)
Page 27: last sentence, replace "might actually work" with "applies"?
Page 29: 1st full paragraph, replace "," after "move"(another needed capitalization) with ";"
Page 29: last paragraph, bold "The Supreme Court"
Page 30: top, bold "The Supreme Court"
Page 31: 3rd paragraph, change ";" after "choose" to ":"
Page 32: 1st paragraph, capitalize second "you"
Page 37: Need a blank line before the 1st full paragraph
Page 37: 3rd full paragraph, 4th sentence, capitalize "cast"
Page 58: 2nd line, need a space between "simple" and "and"
Page 59: 2nd line, extra space between "and" and "campaign"?
Page 36: first full paragraph, you kinda skip over whether Dangers and Portent are actually what make up Fronts, or if all 3 are seperate-but-related

Page 37: Cast is barely mentioned, can you expand/elaborate?

Possible to have page numbers added to the bottom or top-right of the pages?

I've already posted on, but I wanted to re-iterate here how much this DW Guide has helped myself, a longtime D&D/D20 player, understand the way DW/AW works.  Simply amazing, and I'll be spreading the word!

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