new threat type: Horrors

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new threat type: Horrors
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A horror is an unnatural creature - something inherently inhuman or inhumane. It either exists on the periphery of reality, barely understood, or its presence suggests profane and aberrant mutation, and more horrors to come.
- Beast (impulse: to hunt and feed)
- Progenitor (impulse: to breed)
- Butcher (impulse: to slaughter)
- Mockery (impulse: to sow turmoil/bedlam)
- Magpie (impulse: to steal and hoard valuables)
- Flood (impulse: to spread and claim territory)

Threat moves for horrors:
- push opening your brain
- display evidence of its inhuman nature
- attack suddenly, during a moment of calm or rest
- attack silently and/or without emotion
- leave behind evidence of brutality/savagery
- defy someone?s expectations
- snatch someone into it?s clutches
- seize space/something/someone and hold it
- maim or cripple someone
- destroy someone, transforming their nature

A horror threat should always be foreshadowed. Foreshadowing should be simple and easy to follow, but doesn't have to be believable.
I wrote this because I have often wanted to include monsters in some of my games. We played a campaign that included a zombie apocalypse and the regular threat types in the rulebook didn't always seem appropriate for what we were doing. I'll probably expand upon this more later.
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Re: new threat type: Horrors
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This fits in very nicely with the other threats. I have run a couple of games using ghosts or demons or unnatural creatures, and what you've outlined here describes how I ended up running them pretty well.