Bad Company

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Bad Company
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:40:58 PM »
I found a neat possibility in AW hackspace! Precisely, the possibility of a move that goes in the rough form of:

When you do <X>, something(someone) else can roll with stat+yourstat.

Or, to give this vagueness a bit more meat to sink teeth into...

You belong to a company of mercenaries in a war-torn land. Kings and emperors and sky-scorching wizards come and go, but they all need someone both experienced and expendable to do their dirty work. And, when the price is right -- that's you and your men.

The mainstay of your Company starts out as a rag-tag group of greenhorns armed with whatever weaponry they came from home with and sharpened sticks for pikes.

Cool-1 Hard-1 Hot-1 Sharp-1 Weird-1

You have three advancements you can spend to incrase any stat you wish by a +1. When advancing a stat, pick one thing from the appropriate list. You can pick something twice - when picking it the second time, write down "The finest <...> in all of the lands" or something other to that effect.

Swift men
Cunning men

Sheer numbers
Ferocious men
Proud men


Grizzled veterans
Hard-ass officers
Disciplined men

A keepsake from an old battle
A perplexing device
Circling buzzards
An old hag
A child prophet

A Company has all the basic moves, plus special results on a +12.

Under fire - on a 12+, the company fends off attacks completelly. Hold 3. During battle, any member of the Company can spend this hold by to: save their own skin from imminent danger (or) save everyone from imminent danger with a succesful under fire roll.

Seize by force - on a 12+, the company has broken through and seized initiative. Hold 3. During battle, any member of the Company can spend hold this hold by making a +hard roll. When inflicting harm, you can spend this hold to: add ap, ignore size, fear, s-harm.

Manipulate/Seduce a person - on a 12+, you've got them in your pocket. Pick an ally: threat type and hold 3. Any member of the company can then, at any time, spend this hold to make them make their threat move. This hold can be refreshed by 1 up to 3 by getting back in touch with them and seducing/manipulating them some more.

Read a sitch - on a 12+, the company starts making the sitch instead of reacting to it. Hold 3. During battle, any member can spen this hold after a succesful read a sitch roll to pick a question from the list and answer it as you please ("What's the biggest threat? I AM!").

Open your brain - on a 12+, the company unwittingly sets something into motion in the grand scheme of things. Say what will happen, eventually, and hold 3. Either you or the MC can then spend this hold to show omens of things to come. After all the hold is spent, what's forseen will come true within a day.

And the characters!

The Siegeworker

Barrage - when you're providing cover fire, add your cool to the Company's.

The Slayer

Vanguard - when you're leading a charge and killing like crazy, add your hard to the Company's.

The Layer

Vanguard - when you're making somebody feel comfortable, add your hot to the Company's.

The Tactician

Schemes within schemes - when you make a plan and stick to it, add your sharp to the Company's

The Hedgewizard

Foreboding femur When you get a that feeling in your bones and tell them, add your weird to the Company's.

Obviously, the character/move names could use work and this generally needs some working on, but you get the general idea. You do something which gives the Company extra power right then and there, and then she passes the end result back to the players for them to do with as they will.