Rules clarification

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Rules clarification
« on: May 31, 2021, 09:09:31 PM »
Dunno if this question was already replied or not (i use the search and didn't find it xd but maybe i m not good at it :P) ;

Would like to know if the system is strictly rules based or  story tellings is the priority; just to know;
And how you play it; In many games sometimes in the past as master i had skipped rules or bend to the benefit of the story / pleasure of the game ;
Would like to go a bit deeper on this aspect and if you play this one strictly following the rules or you bend them and in what situations;  I would like to know what  D. Baker s think about this aspect if possibile ;
My vision is that story (player s one) have priority over rules;  Just want to know if its just my pov and what thinks others and what is the official position of whom created the system :)

i would like to add some more info, in nearly all gdr games there is the base rule, "change stuff as you like" In this system stuff could be changed on the run for a better and funnier story?

thanks in advance for every contribution :)
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Re: Rules clarification
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Yes, in fact you are encouraged to change everything, creating new games.



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Re: Rules clarification
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To expand a little bit on the last response, the "rules" in Apocalypse World may feel quite a bit different from the rules in traditional RPGs because they concern themselves with different things. I find I almost never need to "bend the rules" in AW because they are sufficiently flexible that it's never really an issue.

The bulk of the MC's principles in AW are about coming up with interesting consequences to the PCs' actions, and in that regard the story is very much the most important bit. Just beware that you're not imposing "plot" on them, as one of your most important principles is "play to find out."