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Our starting position from our first AW game.

This is how it is.
The Dark will come for us all.
Light will hold it a bay, but for how long?
In the carcass of the World That Was is Beacon
A fortress city built atop a dam.
The floodlights of Beacon push back the Dark, but draw in refugees.
Beacon?s leader, Matilda accepts those who swear loyalty and can work.
Do as you?re told, or you?ll answer to Spruce.

Agri21 is lakeside, up North.
The Ellesworth Clan makes food in their factory.
Strange family. Many wives. Many children.
You can fish in the lake, but lately, people are getting sick.

Westbound are The Flats.
Lots of little settlements and shantytowns.
Some are new. Some move. Some die. Hard to track.
Decent hunting ground.
Beyond the Flats is Concordia. Hardly anyone ever comes from there.
Some say it?s marvellous. Safe. No one goes hungry there.
Those who come from the Far West don?t speak of it.

South is the City-That-Was, shrouded in nature?s canopy, half-submerged.
Scavengers, or Prospectors, go there by boat to seek their fortunes.
Beware the pirate, Whitehead and his cronies.
They will come at you fast on their airboats.
You might find working bits of technology, pretty treasures or just useful scrap.
Or you might brave the wasp nests for the Syrup.
It is sweet, hot, and takes your mind away. 

Whatever you find, Beacon takes its cut, the rest you can take to the Market.
The establishments cling to the sides of the wall like barnacles.
Weller welcomes successful prospectors at the Roost.
You can take your earnings in chips, food or flesh.
Inside the walls are the reserves and workings of Beacon.
It is restricted to a select few, like Matilda, Spruce, Feather and Lucent. 
Kettle, Spears, Grome and other mechanicals make things new and fix what is broken.

Pilgrims from the Disciples of The Construct raise concerns.
They preach of merging with machines, and fuse their bodies with tech in aberrant ways.
The ?Evangelist? Michael has much wisdom and gathers support from his pulpit of barrels.

Past the Eastgate there is the road that enters the Night Forest.
It is always dark there.
They say it is getting bigger.
They say someday it will blot out the sunrise.
This is how it is.

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