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Greetings, everybody.

I'm a brazilian game designer, and now working on a hack about soldiers on battlefield, facing war and your own traumas.

This hack is a passional game, based in war stories like Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and Black Hawk Down. A game where waepons are not so important; but the pain and fear is.

As a example, there is no Harm Clock. Instead, there is a Ladder of Trauma - in which each blank space will be filled with a painful moment of the story, and this modifies the chances of being killed in the game.

I hope you can help me to develop fully this hack.

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I like the sound of that.

Do you have any sample materials ready, or a playtest document?


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Well, I have the game only on portuguese. But I will provide this as soon as possible. ^^

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You don't need the whole thing translated, necessarily, by the way. Sometimes just putting up one small chunk of the rules or one playbook can make for some great feedback from readers.