Dungeon World Actual Play Recording: Cocklords (a very serious setting)

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I finally got a run a game I've been dying to do for a long time now. After someone called someone a "cocklord" a few years ago, I jokingly mistook it for a rank. After some bellowing in Space Marine voices about fantasy dick jokes, I swore to one day run a game where Cocklords ruled a land, and no one in the setting quite realized that everything in their serious and violent world was named after genitalia. I got a lot of the same response: "I want this to happen, but I couldn't stand to play it."

I finally got some guys to play it in Dungeon World. I'm incredibly pleased that they did and proud that I was not only able to run it, but we all kept up the spirit of occasional puns but otherwise, the absolutely most serious and straight-faced game I could run, full of politics and kidnappings and war; just set in the kingdom of Domepeace at the pre-wedding feast of Cocklord Phallus and Lady Boner.

Our players are knights of the new Cocklords generations later, and all invited to attend the celebratory feast in the name of Cocklord Phallus and the granddaughter of the once disgraced Lord Boner, Lady Boner. If the controversy and the judging dinner conversation doesn’t get our heroes, then the uninvited pirates and sea monsters just might!


Lady Dieza Nought (Max) – The Fighter. A grim crusader of the Cocklords, disgraced over a misunderstanding and doing whatever slaughter or gruntwork needs to be done for her lords with little to no mercy. Wields a massive spiked ball and chain she calls the Buster Ball.

Delryn Tayghbag (Ryan)– The Arcane Duelist.  Bastard son of an unknown Cocklord, he relies on style, charm, quick thinking, and a mystical skill with his sword to dispatch the enemies of Cocklord Richard.

Inquisitor Gonnorheus Scrote (Drew) – The Immolator. A potentially mad pyromancer, the scarred, vigilant, and paranoid mage was touched by a dark taint in his past. Rather than succumb to it, he bound its magic in fire, which he uses in the name of the Cocklords to purge the tainted and the wicked.