The Sleuth Skin

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The Sleuth Skin
« on: February 22, 2017, 01:08:54 PM »
One thing that has not been covered in Monster of the Week is how to stat out your typical noisy reporter/investigator as a skin. After all in a world with supernatural creatures in high school, strange occurrences happen but a good deal of schools have school newspapers, inquisitive teens and reporters willing to delve into misadventures to get to the truth of the situation. This covers a good deal of teen tropes such as intrepid teen investigators such as Veronica Mars, the Hardy Boys, Tsubasa and Hikaru, Maddie and Carla and the like. As for designing such a skin here might be some example move.

A move that lets them earn strings on people by spying on them and getting juicy blackmail.

A move that can inflict conditions on people by threatening to or actually exposing people's secrets.

A move that would let them do research on subjects and learn information (Sort of like Hit the Books from the Chosen).

A move that will let them transfer strings from one character to another by deflecting the blame.

A move that helps them break into places they shouldn't.

A move that can grant or give out strings to a large number of people. This should be a once per session restriction though and based on success. For instance passing the roll lets all the PC's get a string on a subject but failing it means all the PC's get a string on you.

As for the Sex Move, the Sleuth can use their sex move to get a lover to either answer a question honestly or grant them a string.

The Darkest Self for the Sleuth is basically your character becomes obsessed with getting the absolute truth out to the public that they'll do anything to expose the secrets of everyone, regardless of the consequence. They get out of the darkest self by suffering fallout from their decisions, hurting someone they care about, burning all their strings on other people or if the story runs its course and there is no more secrets to expose.

So how would you do a Sleuth skin in Monsterhearts?