The Damsel - Skinning in Progress

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The Damsel - Skinning in Progress
« on: February 04, 2017, 01:07:21 PM »
Having just watched Scott Pilgrim versus the World, I realised an archetype that's missing from MH: The Damsel in distress. Sure, the Mortal is emotionally abused and co-dependent, but until you enter your Darkest Self, you never outright have to cause fights. The Damsel, on the other hand, is all about causing fights, whether they like it or not. Here's the first draft of the heavily derivative Sex Move, a couple possible Moves to choose from and the stats as I see them. The Darkest Self is just what I have written down at the moment, suggestions are very much requested.

Stats: +1 Hot, -1 Volatile, 0 Cold, 0 Dark

Special: A few days after having sex with someone for the first time, everyone ever who you’ve previously slept with gains two strings on them, and they gain one string on everyone else. You gain 1 XP whenever one of them defeats another. [Is there a better way to word this?]

Darkest Self: If they’re fighting for you, it’s time to run. Lead them on a merry chase. If they aren’t, start the fight. Seduce one, be ensnared by another, them leave them both to squabble in the mud.

Precious - Whenever you wake up, whoever is closest to you at the time gains a string on anyone who has a connection to you. They also take +1 forward. You may ask them any one question, they must answer honestly or give you a string. Everybody knows this to be the case, so announce it.

Nut Shot - When you suddenly attack someone who is emotionally vulnerable, like staring deep into your eyes, you can roll to Lash Out Physically with Hot, and they are stunned for a moment

Rooting For You - Whenever someone fights for or because of you, you can spend any of your strings on their behalf. If two or more people are fighting over you, you may choose to grant any of them +/- 1 ongoing for the duration of the fight.

Blinding - While you are pure, you can roll to Shut Someone Down with Hot. Anyone that lays a hand on you can decide to give you the condition Tarnished , and while you have it, you can’t use this move

Ivory Tower - When someone has you imprisoned against your will, they take -2 to do anything against you that doesn’t involve keeping you there.

Femme Fatale - After spending a night close to someone, you can choose to give them the condition Secret Weakness.