A number of supplemental characters

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A number of supplemental characters
« on: November 07, 2016, 02:56:18 AM »
Heyo! Just some things I've been idly making. Still in progress, especially stuff in [square brackets]. Feedback welcome!

Scoundrel (Battlebabe)
“When [something better here], you can also take any of the following as either new battlebabe moves or moves from another playbook”

Panache: When you have an appreciative or attentive audience, subtract your hot from any harm rolls, and you can roll+hot for single combat

Things just always go my way: Anyone that makes a move against you first suffers 0-harm (coincidental), NPCs should make the harm move. In addition, you can Read a Sitch, Read a Person, or Seduce/Manipulate during combat without having to worry about the logistics.

Points for Style: At the beginning of a fight, roll+cool. On a 10+, hold hot+1, on a 7-9, hold hot, on a miss, still hold hot-1, but an enemy has the drop on you. Spend hold during the fight to:
- Locate a useful element of terrain right when you needed it
- Organise a conveniently timed distraction
- Declare that an object that wasn’t being kept track of to somewhere on your person
- Maneuver an ally or enemy into a new position
- Take a single short action, uninterfered with, perhaps unnoticed
While you have any amount of hold remaining, no-one can ever stop you talking. [OR: Decide that an attack from a life-threatening enemy is AP in order to reroll this ability]

Cliffhanger: When you take a bunch of harm that might be fatal, don’t roll+harm taken, you instead are taken out of action, reduce the harm taken by two and are no longer part of this scene. If you have Panache, reduce another harm. If your audience is shocked and horrified, or triumphant and gloating, mark experience. You’ll be back later.

Quest: Pick a goal, something that you would not be able to complete on your own, without the assistance of your audience. Any time someone acts to further or subvert that goal, they mark experience. [additional benefit for owner of the move]

(Audience - Anyone or anything that is paying attention to what you are saying and has strong feelings about it one way or the other. Includes: Other players, disgruntled enemies, bystanders, possibly yourself)

Puppetmaster (Brainer)
“When your double-crossings and schemes within schemes threaten to overwhelm you, you can also take any of the following as either new brainer moves or moves from another playbook”

Chronobreak neurosis bomb: When you use in-brain puppet strings, you can roll+weird and plant the command up to three days after you’ve had time and intimacy with them.

All according to keikaku: Once per scene, you can roll+weird. On a hit, declare that you’ve made a move, performed some specific action or made some special preparation in the past three days, and it works more or less as you expected. On a 7-9, there might be some minor complications. On a miss, it slipped your mind. If you quietly discussed your plan with the MC beforehand, treat a miss as a 7-9, but there are definitely major complications

Pan-psychosis network interface: Advance “Open Your Brain” for everyone.

Voracious Socialite (Skinner)
“When you have firmly established your social presence in a community, you can also take any of the following as either new Skinner moves or moves from another playbook”

A friend in need: If you are a local and are in good or neutral standing with the neighbours, you can go searching for a past ally. Roll+hot. On a 10+, choose three, on a 7-9, two. On a miss, still choose one, but… well, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?
- They’ve got a room or two for you, it’s clean and secure
- They are still your buddy, they won’t make you pay or hold a grudge
- They’ve got a warning or tidbit of information for you
- They aren’t in danger from you being around them
- They won’t mind your friends too much, grudgingly or otherwise

Shutdown: You can roll+hot to get the effects of going aggro. They have to be able to communicate effectively with you, and you need leverage that would be suitable for Seducing or Manipulating them. If they force your hand, your sheer force of personality deals s-harm

Prince/ss: When someone does something interesting for you without being explicitly asked, they take +1 to do it, and if you appreciate it, they mark experience.

Noblesse oblige: When you take harm, a nearby ally can volunteer to take it for you instead. Every time they do this, they hold 1. They can spend this hold to invoke your name, whether as leverage, a threat, or a guarantee.

And a few extra, that don't quite fit anywhere (yet)

Arcana: So long as you are already rolling +weird, your moves apply to a particular type of natural phenomenon. To you, they are more like an NPC than anything. On a miss, alongside anything else, treat it as if you Opened Your Brain and missed that roll as well.

(Moves include Go Aggro, Read a Person, Seduce/Manipulate, Lost, maybe others. You can pick things that happen, like fire, or fear, or earthquakes, or gravity, or things that are, like metal or food. Harm against a natural phenomena is transient, leverage may be rare, and answers may be inscrutable. Choose carefully, your choice is reasonably permanent)

Sage: When you Open Your Brain, on a 10+, ask one question from Read a Sitch or Read a Person. An answer will come to you, eventually.

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