Gunlugger and augury

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Gunlugger and augury
« on: September 14, 2016, 08:45:43 AM »
So, my player's gunlugger in this solo game is up for an improvement, and since he has interacted a lot with the maelstrom from the start, he would like to get access to augury.

I don't really see a "legal" way for him to do that with just an improvement, but it'd be really cool if he did, so naturally I want him to be able to.

Does any of you have any nice ideas on how to play this?

Given possibilities I see are:
- write up a custom character move and make him take it as an out-of-playbook move.
- make him acquire a workshop in the fiction and then take Bonefeel.
- make him wait until the ungiven future and then either change playbooks or take a second character to play.

None of these is very appealing, but I don't want to say, "sorry, looks like you can't" either.

So, any suggestions?

Re: Gunlugger and augury
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Options 1 and 2 both seem legit. Or you can rule that a battlefield counts as a workshop for him for the purposes of Bonefeel, so it works similarly to Battlefield Instincts.

Or having all his gun cases open and cleaning them counts as a workshop. Remember, you're a fan of his character. Either way, it's not out of line to expect him to spend an improvement on it.

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I've got an idea, but your player won't like it :D

Have you seen the movie Flatliners? If you have, then you know what I'm getting at. If you haven't, well - they have to have a near death experience. Tell them some character says they can guarantee them augury, but they have to have their heart stopped - they assure them they will come back, they've done it like, what 5 times before...

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Yeah, just write a custom Gunlugger move, or something that fits with the PC's style specifically, then the player can take it as an advance. Since it's a solo game especially, you could also tailor it to the fiction in some way that suggests/requires some things to happen first -- or not, depending on if there's a cool idea there. I like sully's suggestions -- certainly something in that vein seems appropriate, but you know the character and the particular Maelstrom best.

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Yeah, good suggestions all around.

I think I would be lenient and just allow him to take reality's fraying edge from the savvyhead. I know it says that it's a component or arrangements of components of the workshop, but I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to allow the gunlugger to acquire a maelstrom talisman that serves the same purpose - maybe the dried head of a witch or an old smart phone possessed by a spirit or some such.

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I think the best way forward is to treat this like the Savvyhead's workspace move. Sure, he can try to do something. But what will it cost him?

Offer the player some options:

"Ok, you might be able to do that... if you [option A or option B]."

Flatlining is a great idea, for example.

It could be as simple as opening his brain under very particular circumstances.

Be sure to ask lots of provocative questions - this gives the player input into how the thing shapes up, as well. ("If you could set up something which is a psychic focus for you, like the Savvyhead's workshop or the Hocus's cult, you might be able to reach into the maelstrom, but you need some kind of psychic antenna. For that, you have to reach into your own soul, and let the maelstrom get a foothold there. What are you willing to give up to it, or to expose to it? What is the one person, place, or thing which resonates deepest with you?" Etc.)

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« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2016, 03:35:21 AM »
I've previously allowed Reality's Fraying Edge to work for characters without workspaces. It definitely doesn't break anything, especially in a solo game where you don't have to do any niche protection. In my last game, they used an old-timey radio to do augury. I also dig the idea of a custom move that works just like that, but a little more Gunlugger flavored. When/where does this Gunlugger usually interact with the maelstrom?

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Great input, thank you all!

Yeah, we went with Reality's fraying edge, basically, but with the variation "when you use specially prepared equipment to tap into the maelstrom". This guy tries to minimize the violence around him – he is the baddest ass in town but tries to get by as a farmer – otherwise the "in battle" variant could be cool.

He is also a bit of an electrician for his village, and we use a simple little custom move to make electric work risky, so preparing the equipment could be fun.

So far he's interacted with it like a parallell astral plane, with something spirit- or demonlike buzzing around, but now he's talked with an npc who told him she'd flown a helicopter into it, through the eye of a storm. Where it goes from here, we'll see! :)

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Cool, sounds like a good solution!

Out of curiosity: what is your custom move for electrical work? We have a savvyhead in our group and are always looking for inspiration ??

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Of course! Like I said, it's nothing fancy.

When you work on something electric, that is not too complicated and that you know how to do, roll+sharp. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 6-, just one.
- It doesn't require additional parts worth 1-barter (otherwise it does)
- Nothing and no one gets hit by an electric shock (otherwise watch out)
- The results are lasting (otherwise it soon breaks down)

We paired that with a special gig move for his everyday farming, to set the stage for the player's idea of his character's life at the beginning of play. It's worked nicely so far.

When you toil at the farm for some time, roll+hard. On a 10+, you get basic supplies worth 1-barter, and choose two. On a 7-9, just choose two. On a 6-, choose one.
- You get basic supplies worth (an additional) 1-barter
- Nothing important on the farm breaks our gets worn out (otherwise it does)
- No one on the farm gets hurt or sick (otherwise someone does)

Again, nothing fancy or revolutionary, but it's nice anyway. :)

The payoff from farming pays for his lifestyle, and that represents his family also getting supported, of course.

EDIT to add: These might seem harsh, by the logic that a 7-9 should be basically a success, but here it's all about trying to make an honest living is hard. If the character wants easy scratch, he will just have to take down his assault rifle from the attic again, won't he? :)
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Re: Gunlugger and augury
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Cool! Thanks a lot 😊