Sex moves

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Sex moves
« on: September 19, 2016, 08:14:10 AM »
Hi there, a question. When 2 pc engage in their "sex move" together, how do you execute the "consequences" part ?
for example a chopper and a child thing.
the child thing eats something as appropriate during the encounter, so s/he can get the +1hx
the chopper gives the child thing the raise to +3 in his/her hx ...
does the "up to +3" coming from the chopper hit first (so the child thing eating stuff brings the +1 and raise the experience) or does the +1 from the "eating" come first, and the chopper "up to +3" after this ?
it's hard to put better for me, i am not an english native.

anyway, there is a precedence in the resolution of the sex moves ?
something that determine who goes first applying his "effects" ?



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Re: Sex moves
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If timing matters, let the player choose, to her own benefit.


Re: Sex moves
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Thanks for the answer ! i am a real "naive" MC for now, i am going to do dumb questions.
but i have to say AW has got my brain !
thanks Vincent !!