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Not really a play test question but I'm curious. I plan on using the prompt below as a prologue before my group begins character creation. I've tried to word it in such a way that it suggests ideas and direction to the players without dictating their choices or setting anything in stone. The vague language could mean anything but should give the players a sense of direction. Are their actions leading to this moment? Are they the new king? The old king? Did the old king die or was he forced from power? I'm curious if anyone has used this technique and their experience with it. Did it prompt the characters to action? Did they enjoy it? Any pitfalls to avoid?


"The old king is gone. Abbots, warriors, peasants and pagans. All await the new king’s coronation. Despite the triumph, new threats and dangers await. Some well known, some obscured by divided loyalties and ignorance. But first, let us recount how you came to be here or what misfortune caused your absence…"
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