Otherkind Resolution Mechanic, now with Stats!

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Otherkind Resolution Mechanic, now with Stats!
« on: January 03, 2016, 10:18:00 AM »
Just so everyone is on the same level, I'm using Vincents mechanics outlined here: http://www.lumpley.com/archive/148.html . In short, pick 1 good thing and 2 bad things, and roll 3d6. 4+, the good thing happens, or the bad thing(s) don't happen. 3-, the good thing doesn't happen, or the bad thing(s) happen.


I'm getting slightly obsessed with this, mainly because I'm always the DM/MC/whatever. This mechanic is great for moving to an DM-free system. However, I've been messing around with some ideas. It's mostly garbage, but here's what I've got:

- If you're trying to make the good outcome happen in an excessively cautious or cowardly way, remove one bad outcome, 1 die and modify the good outcome
- If you're trying to make the good outcome happen in risky manner, add one bad outcome and 1 die
- If you are willing to risk death to make the good outcome occur, add 1 die and the bad outcome "I die".

- If you are a hard motherfucker what you want to do involves injuring someone, taking something, or otherwise being a douchebag, you can reroll the die placed on the good outcome
- If you are a really hard motherfucker, you automatically succeed on such rolls. You still need to roll for the bad outcomes though
- If you are a wimp, you automatically roll a 1 on any of your die. Roll the remaining, and hope for the best

Same as above for being smooth in social situations (hot, by any other name), versus being gauche and annoying, etc. etc. The only one that is different is for cool:

- If you are cool under pressure, you can reroll a die placed on a bad outcome
- If you are really cool under pressure, you can either reroll both dice that are on the bad outcomes, or automatically drop a 6 on one of them
- If you are a massive clutz, you automatically suffer a bad outcome

You'll notice that the stats only go from -1 to +2. I think getting to +3 in this system should be either impossible, or have a fictional rather than mechanical benefit.

Thoughts? This is mostly stream of consciousness, and late at night, and hasn't been edited, but whatever.



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Re: Otherkind Resolution Mechanic, now with Stats!
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2016, 01:37:06 AM »
More things!

- For every serious injury you take during combat, afterwards roll 3d6 into the following outcomes: You can keep going without intervention, there are short term impacts, there are long term impacts (default set)
- If you take a calamitous injury during combat, roll all your serious injuries now and again once combat is finished
ALTERNATIVE - Immediately roll 3d6 into: There are short term impacts x 2, there are long term impacts
- If there is no feasible way of you surviving something, or an enemy executes you, you die

Weapons, Armor and Gear
- Stuff normally only interacts with the fiction, the outcomes of the roll
- Really exceptional stuff can bump damage higher or reduce  it, but might make doing things more difficult, especially getting extra dice
- Truly miraculous equipment can block a serious injury from occurring, or reduce it one step, but only very rarely
- Having the exactly the right tool for the right job usually means you deserve an extra die. Usually. Having something close enough means you might get it, might not.

So, other people can only very rarely kill you outright and you can't be paper cut to death. What is a 'serious injury' depends entirely on the fiction. A stab wound to the gut is a big deal for an unarmored civilian, and might be even counted as catastrophic, while to someone is a mech suit, you might need a rocket launcher to get the same effect. Short term impacts include, you can seriously injure yourself if you perform an strenuous activity, while a long term impact might be, you are bleeding to death, or, you have tetanus.