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Just remembered something - we were talking about what stories are good inspiration for people who haven't read the sagas...

Try reading the Arthurian legend books of Bernard Cornwall...
The Winter King, Enemy of God etc.

They have very strong gender separation, open conflict between the old gods and the new christians, lots of possible magic/possible superstition things going on, matters of honour and being goaded into action, and a battle for survival against a harsh world.

It just needs the cold weather to make it a better fit :)

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Why not read the sagas? Quite a few of them have been published in English - was looking at them in a local bookstore last week - haven't read them for decades.

EDIT: Just found this:
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Heh. I have a neat lot of them translated :) They are fun read, but hard to get for some people.

I was suggesting another book series that has a nice feel to it :)

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Ah, I gettit! That's an interesting question, actually, I'd love to hear other suggestions.