Inverse World Actual Play Recording

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Inverse World Actual Play Recording
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A campaign set in Inverse World, the Dungeon World hack where the world is generally upside down. Flying islands circle a caged sun god, surrounded by a massive dome of stone overhead. A few friends, old and new, are gathered by a strange messenger to right a wrong in a city full of mail (by performing ANOTHER wrong) and fly the world of Invel to set it right (and get paid).

Aldara, the Lantern (Crazon): a follower of Solas, the sun god of Invell. A nomadic do-gooder with a tiny, personal piece of a god called Atom following her around.

Deeley Bobber, the Mechanic (Eli): a goblin tinkerer from a long line of engineers and inventors (namely Thinga and Ma). Has struck out on his own to follow his dreams and strike out on his own business ventures apart from his family's fortune.

Salamander, the Golem (Toku): a huge being built by an ancient race out of lava and magma. Bored from his centuries of wandering, he's found himself as the muscle and general assistant to Deely.

Caramelle Eclair, the Skydancer (Max): deer-like mail woman with a set of jet boots and a hover bike. Adventurous, playfully cocky, and always eager to show off her aerial skills.

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fortunately got more than a few episodes put up for this one!

The party forms a plan to rob a mansion of its greatest treasures. Even if they succeed, they'll be on the run from one of the wealthier men in the area. It leads them to some seedy choices, some careful spending, and an island that lives off of gambling before they can get back on track.