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Re: Welcome to the First Round
« on: October 30, 2015, 03:04:59 AM »
As an initial response, I am most impressed by how simple, holistic and intuitive the new stats seem to be. Secondly, I also like the left-hand columns of the character sheets. Beyond that, I'm still chewing on and digesting the mechanics.

Unfortunately, my player group isn't open to playing anything beyond Cubicle 7's "The One Ring" for now.

As for questions, am I correct in understanding there is no leveling mechanic in this Freebooting Venus at this time? It seems experience is earned purely as an achievement, rather than as a currency. (An observation, not a complaint.)

It mentions that one can add a skill or stat boost at the end of a session after having marked three segments. I'm not clear which segments are being referred to here. Is this a reference to three Bad Experiences in a row on the character sheet? Or more likely it points to the bottom left of the first character sheet with the segmented circles? Does that mean only four new skills can be learned?
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Re: Welcome to the First Round
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The leveling mechanism is leading a war-band, establishing your grimoire, seizing a city-state, etc. Otherwise, yes, right on.

The segmented circles, yes! Only four new skills. I'd be surprised if there's a need for more, really.