Broadcasting Apocalypse World on Twitch TV

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Broadcasting Apocalypse World on Twitch TV
« on: July 28, 2015, 06:21:20 AM »
Howdy barfers,

I ran first session last week with 4 players.  We have a Brainer named Travellin' Jackson, a Chopper named Skeets, a Hocus named Ashen, and a Quarantine named .... That Guy.   The group wanted to only be ~30 years out from Apocalypse.   They are in TRYON , NC. 

It's my first time out with Apocalypse World and I need to work on getting players into scenes and asking some better questions (read a few threads on questioning techniques).  I need to barf forth more.

If you are interested and have any tips or suggestions, I'm always open to conversation.    Trolls can go fuck themselves. 

Feel free to spread the word or stop over at twitch at your convenience to review the recording.   

Here is my tweet:

Check out some #RPG excellence @Twitch TV! #APOCALYPSEWORLD Tuesdays 5.30-9pm @BlackMoonGameNH ?: