Playing a new game

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Playing a new game
« on: April 02, 2015, 08:20:13 AM »
I'm joining a new game just started by a KS backer and have some quick questions and notes (ver 0.4).

Gas grenades - Hand area in Tech Playbook, Near area in Gear. Which is it? I'm guessing Near rather than Hand but...

Does the +2 to Processor from Efficiency Routines do anything other than allow two extra programs to be run. Does the value of Efficiency Routines allow you to switch points into other Ratings i.e. can you make Processor rating 1 and use Tech: Expert Breadboarder to get two programs at Chargen and run one as Efficiency Routines to get another two programs running (total 3) on effectively a Rating 1 processor.

Can cyberdecks have a value of 0 for some ratings i.e. can Hardening or Firewall be zero and points allocated to other ratings not to exceed the max (2 normally)

Does the 'You may take the Hacker move Jack in as an advance' in Tech Playbook p99 override  the list in Advancing p137 where other Playbook is advance option 4 and 5 i.e does Jack In only get picked after three previous advances for a Tech?

TIA for any response.


Re: Playing a new game
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I just answered these questions on G+.

Great questions! Thanks again!

Re: Playing a new game
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Yeah, I checked there after posting here and saw that things were way more active on the G+ community.