Mobile Frame Zero part acquisition

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Mobile Frame Zero part acquisition
« on: March 03, 2015, 12:47:23 AM »
Observations :

1 : Some public libraries (and many college campuses) now have Makerbots and similar 3D Printers available for public use at a nominal fee.  See also : Fabrication Laboratory.   I haven't done the math on a Lego-compatable brick, but a meeple of plastic costs 1/4th the price printed at my library as one ordered off gamecrafter (1/3rd if you buy in bulk)

2 : offers free, light weight, web based milling / extruding file creation tools for use with such machines.

3 : As of 03 March 2015 the website's entry  on "Lego" includes the metric measurements for standard and thin blocks.   (See also  for issues and historical precedents involving legality of producing such bricks)

If you're a non-purist I don't see why you couldn't make whole mech components single printed pieces with appropriate attachment vacancies / extrusions.