[AlienApocalypse] AW Hack for the Alien(s) universe

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[AlienApocalypse] AW Hack for the Alien(s) universe
« on: January 12, 2015, 06:15:06 AM »
Best of 2015's to all!

I have been working on an AW Hack for my tabletop gaming group (shamelessly looking the Regiment and Evil of the Stars and other SciFi hacks for ideas) and I will start putting it into shape, so I wanted to post ideas and such here to g----ather constructive input g---et bashed on the head.

It is probably a long-winded endeavor, since my idea is to work on the whole timeline of the Alien(s) world:

- first encounter type (like the original Alien film, or Steel Egg novel...) with PCs that are cargo spaceship crew, scientists etc.

- martial encounters (like the Aliens film, the second one…) in which PCs will mainly be Marines - but Corp' suits, colonist survivors too… [with the possibility of having the various tech' levels, as - for example - the Marines get better anti-acid armor etc.]

- politics on Earth & Stations (like the 4th Alien film…) with many possibilities such as Separatists, Journalists… (people trying to find out what the Corps are now doing with Aliens etc.)

- Earth overrun (from the various novels & comics…) with the people fighting a losing battle

My idea is mainly to start working on the characters and their moves, and I will be focusing with First Encounter settings in the beginning, since that is what I will be game-mastering.
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