Holy Shit, Let's Be Dinosaurs

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Holy Shit, Let's Be Dinosaurs
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Aka Prehistoric/ Jurassic/ Mesozoic World.

Google Drive Link: Alpha Working Document

Play as a fucking dinosaur
Play fast and simple
Hunt and eat herbivores

The Four Stats:
(-2 to +2)
Sharp: claws and teeth
Bulk: fat and muscle
Lithe: legs and wings
Cunning: eyes and brain

Injury and Death
Harmed? Pick a stat, or the GM will. Mark it as hurt. Pick that stat again? Mark its debility: -1 ongoing. Pick it a third time? Final debility: -2 ongoing. Pick it a fourth time? Your dinosaur is dead. Serious dangers can do 2, 3, or even 4 harm, sometimes to a specific stat.

The Moves:
Slash: roll + Sharp. 7+ deal damage. 7-9 also take Harm.
Crush: roll + Bulk. 7+ shove into a bad spot, deal damage or choose a tag and remove it. 7-9 choose: also deal Harm to yourself, or left in a bad spot.
Dash: roll + Lithe. 10+ get there. Fast. 7-9: hard bargain, attract attention or destroy scenery en route.
Lurk: roll + Cunning. 7+ ask/tell one. 10+ ask/tell three. Questions: [edit in later!]
Defy Danger: roll + Stat. 10+ avoid. 7-9 one Harm to rolled stat
Devour: roll + chunks of flesh eaten. 10+ move two steps from death. 7-9, move one.

The Playbooks:

Tyrant Lizard: Tyrannosaurus Rex Roar, Jaws of Death
Terrible Claw: Utahraptor, Deinonychus Rend , Leap
Dainty Jaw: Compsognathus Horde, Swarm
Ancient Wing: Archaeoptryx Glide, Clamber
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Re: Holy Shit, Let's Be Dinosaurs
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This is like the definition of why I like The Engine. You get an idea and execute it. It easy and your players get the hang of it in a second.
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Re: Holy Shit, Let's Be Dinosaurs
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If I may make a small suggestion:

Archaeopteryx was about the size of a housecat.  For your flyer, might I suggest Quetzalcoatlus?