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In another forum post,

Vincent stated
"[...] the blacksmith is essential to this group of playbooks in mythic terms. The Wicker-wise, the Court Wizard, and the Dragon-herald, together, demand a capital-B Blacksmith to complete the figure. (They aren't a square, they're a d4, a triangular prism in three dimensions.)

If you want to create a carpenter playbook, I urge, oh my word urge, you to consider the actual role of the carpenter, don't copy the rights from the Blacksmith. It'd be as unsuitable to copy the rights from the War-captain or the Outranger!"

That seemed like a good experiment to see if I've figured out yet what makes a Dark Age player character.
Wording in parenthesis wouldn't make it onto the actual sheet.

The Carpenter 

Crafter of stability, (Land Itself - the construction of a house, or a heavy piece of furniture, ties man to land.)
Trapping gale and fairy without, (The Other World - mostly antagonistic to the other world, since he limits the ability of the 'low grade supernatural' to effect the men he raises buildings for.  There's obvious connection to the Empire of Eagle's maybe-official monotheistic religion as well.)
Tired and calloused (Personal Prowess - Carpentry is rough!)

+2 Strong , +1 +1 0 -1   (For all his role in crafting the new order of things, the greatest demand on the carpenter is that he DO things)

(Land Itself) — You have the right to offer hospitality and protection to those under your roof.  (Seems fitting, since a carpenter likely has his own abode and is unlikely to be messed with therein, being in the upper crust of the laboring class.)

(Land Itself) — You have the right to the fruits of your labor and the increase of your household. (Skilled, not-easily-replaceable craftsman.  Fits that he can demand some gain from his efforts.)

(The Other World) — When you encounter something unnatural, you have the right to roll your Wary. On 10+, ask the MC 2 of the following. On 7–9, ask 1.
• Is this a thing of old ways, new ways, or ways unknown to me?
• What manner of person made this thing, or is it its own?
• For what does this thing hunger, or by what has it sated itself?
• What would this thing make the world into, if it only could?
On a miss, ask 1, but the thing may ask a question of you in return, from this list or of its own devising. Answer truthfully.
(Put bluntly, perversions intrigue.  To dress it up nobly, the Crafter of Stability must understand what the unnatural would seek to do to stop it if, it a thing that must be stopped.)

(Personal Prowess)— As a baby you received the blessing of the beautiful evening star. You have the right to be loved and never forsaken.  (I like this one.  "Never forsaken" could tie to the medieval carpenter's status - high end, desirable blue collar craftsman.  Someone you don't want to offend, regardless of your station, as he'd either be the vessel of manifesting your status or wealth if you were nobility, or your better if you were a commoner.  Additionally, there's a hinting at the Empire of Eagle's newest religion, further suggestive of the Carpenter's roll in expanding that imperial kind of culture and an opposition to the Old World authorities.)

(Personal Prowess)— You have the right to take a student (Carpenters had craftsman guilds.  Well, maybe not official ones in the Dark Age, but it's an apprentice-drawing position)

(Custom : The Other World)— You have the right to struggle against inhuman forces that beset a man at peace.  When you do so, treat it as sizing them up, but roll Bold instead of Wary.  (Houses act as a 'shield' against many of the forces of nature like rain, wind, and to a limited degree illness.  They also 'shield' from many supernatural horrors, like vampires, hellhounds, and anything scary but unable of busting down a door.  This move lets the character see the threats and nature of storms, droughts, diseases and mystical forces)

(Land Itself) — You have the right to due respect, from bound, free, noble and royal alike. (Carpenters were well respected)

(Personal Prowess)— You have the right to speak wisdom in counsel. When someone comes to you for counsel, tell them honestly what you think is their best course of action. If they decide to pursue that course, they can count it as your help, one time in the future, no matter how far from you they are.  Recommend to them that they note this.  (Carpenters had to know math, and in general were better schooled than most people.  It is not a stretch to imagine one being the 'go to guy' for helping you come up with a solution to a problem.)

Thoughts and comments are more than welcome, of course.
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Additionally, there's a hinting at the Empire of Eagle's newest religion

Yeah, that was my first thought for Carpenter as well.

Of course, now I want to write a script to randomly present sets of 8 rights and see what characters they suggest.