Clocks in general

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Clocks in general
« on: September 18, 2014, 04:26:59 PM »
Good day!

I have a bit of confusion about clocks. I try to do what I can before actually playing so I wrote out all the clocks I thought I would need but now I am starting to think that is wrong. It felt natural when people name the corps to put clocks beside them for ease later but in the Links section it sounded like the first "strike" is starting the clock then from there you advance it. Is this the same for harm clocks?

Another way to ask is - Do clocks fill up with 5 advances or 6?

Thank you kindly

Re: Clocks in general
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Corporation/Threat Clocks and the Reporters' Noise and Story Clocks are the only clocks that have rules about how they are created. (Those are really special rules about the Links phase and the Reporter playbook rather than about the clocks, but I probably need to explain this better in the text.)

All other clocks exist prior to the first advance and are simply advanced.

Once a clock exists, it takes six advances to fill it:
1 (to 1500)
2 (to 1800)
3 (to 2100)
4 (to 2200)
5 (to 2300)
6 (to 0000)

Does that clarify it?

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Thanks for the reply. This is certainly what makes the most sense but as you said I'm sure there will be a lot of editing and clarification to come :D.

Specifically Page 10 under Corporate Clocks tells you to start a clock as soon as they as established which is what I think a lot of people will do by default anyways. I think that Threat clocks and reporter's clocks are fine as exceptions, it totally makes sense that they don't exist until a trigger, but since corps are made in step 0 I would possibly consider keeping the current wording and have only the additional people joining a Links phase advance the clock. Would make it simpiler and encourge more back story missions but then it might cause too many +links without enough of downside.

Re: Clocks in general
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2014, 10:28:40 AM »
Yeah, that's a good idea. It should keep the wording concise while still making it easy enough to max out the clock if the group wants to.