(DITV) Question regarding mitigating consequences during conflict

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(DITV) Question regarding mitigating consequences during conflict
« on: September 01, 2014, 09:33:26 PM »
So, Dogs A and B enter into a gunfight with Brother Z.

Brother Z's die pool is unlikely to best two Dogs, but it's possible.  And it's likely fallout will take place.  So, a good conflict in the making.

Dog A fires on Z, who sees the raise by jumping through a window.  He raises the stakes by snatching Jimmy, (A's nephew, previously introduced) who happens to be passing by, and putting a gun to his head.  A and B can mechanically see the raise, but their players know that they might easily win the fight at the expense of Jimmy's life.

Here's the question.  Can Dog A duck out of the fight (or Dog C enter the scene) and initiate a conflict to determine "Whether Jimmy gets killed or not" before the gunfight gets settled?  I know this would take a whole MESS of dice, and some memory as to which stats or traits have and haven't been implemented yet.

Is it legit for Dog C's player to call for a flashback to when he taught Jimmy some basic wrestling or talked to him about how being a man required being brave enough to fight sometimes?

Is it legit for Dog A to drop out of the gunfight (Do we kill Brother Z?) and tackle Jimmy through the window, rushing him across the street to the safety of the thick walls of the General Store while under fire?



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Re: (DITV) Question regarding mitigating consequences during conflict
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My advice would be to just give the existing conflict and launch followup conflicts as needed. Grabbing Jimmy is such an escalation of stakes that it really calls for new stakes.