Question about rolling...while under fire

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Question about rolling...while under fire
« on: August 13, 2014, 03:33:15 AM »
Hey all! Just found out about AW a few weeks back--basically have just been reading about it since!

I've got a question, though. On Page 244, you can find this rule: "When someone uses specialty gear they aren't accustomed to — a non-angel using an angel kit, a non-brainer using brainer gear — it’s reasonable to say that it counts as acting under fire."

Does this mean that there would be two rolls for the player attempting to use the gear? One to act under fire, then one +stock spent to use the Angel kit? If so, how would you narrate that situation? If they get a weak hit on the under fire roll, would you place restrictions on what they can accomplish on their healing roll? What happens on a miss? Can they not even attempt a healing roll now?

I appreciate your input in advance. I've read through a large portion of Barf Forth, and you guys are truly inspiring. I cannot wait to play with my friends!



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Re: Question about rolling...while under fire
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Two rolls, yes.

A 7-9 on the roll to act under fire lets you offer any reduced effect or tradeoff you want. Examples off the top of my head: "cool but you can't spend more than 1 stock," "cool but you get +1 to your roll for each 2 stock spent, not for each 1 stock," or "cool but you can't figure out how the coffee reddener works and you waste it all."


Re: Question about rolling...while under fire
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Cool, thanks! I suppose it is a case by case thing, but would you allow someone to attempt using the Angel kit after they've failed the under fire roll? I assume the MC makes a hard move on a miss, maybe you could take away their stuff, the stuff being the ability to use the kit?

And gosh, I'm so excited that you were the first one to respond!

Re: Question about rolling...while under fire
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Yes, it is a case by case thing. The MC might decide that they waste the kit, or it's fundamentally beyond their abilities, but the latter seems pretty unlikely, and there are a ton of things that might happen on a miss that would still mean the PC or another PC could continue to try to use the kit. Presumably they would be pretty wary of doing so, given how poorly it went that time, but just taking away the thing seems like a less exciting option to me. (Except when it's totally the right option, and makes perfect sense, of course.)



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Re: Question about rolling...while under fire
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You could certainly take away their ability to use the kit after failing the roll, but I can think of a *lot* of crueler, more exciting things to do with a hard move when one of the PC's is trying to heal someone without really knowing what they're doing:
--the patient survives, but because you didn't know to use the coffee reddener, they went into shock and became paralyzed on one side of their body, oh boy! (Inflict harm)
--the patient survives, but they're not stable by a long shot and you're going through your supplies at a furious rate -- do you let them die or barter all their stuff to that bastard Dremmer for more medical supplies?  (Make them pay, or make a hard choice)
--the patient survives and is fine, but is now fiercely addicted to chillstabs and starts stealing from the infirmary, and will do anything to maintain their supply (announce future badness?)
--the patient is still very sick, and only Doctor Balls down by the river can cure them - it's two days ride and they'll need to convalesce for a long time (separate them)
--if it's an NPC patient, he/she rallies, seems to be doing better, then dies during the night after going home.  Their family/friends now think you're an asshole.  (inflict harm)
--the patient dies right there on the spot and starts haunting the PC who "killed" them. Now you know what to do the next time that player blows a +Weird roll

Any of these options, and many more I haven't mentioned, seems more interesting than just saying "You can't do it".  Failed rolls, according to the rules as I understand them, should still move things forward, not result in the player being stuck after a failed attempt.  In other words, there's no "whiff factor" in AW.