Workspaces for non-Savvy Heads

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Workspaces for non-Savvy Heads
« on: July 18, 2014, 06:58:11 PM »
Hey all.

I'm between games currently but found myself idly pondering about workspaces. The Driver and the Angel both can gain a workspace as an improvement, maybe other characters. So I was wondering, how much can a character who isn't a Savvy Head do with their workspace? Theoretically, right, adding new parts to a workspace is just a project in the workspace. So where would you draw the line, as an MC, as to what they could do there, in the interest of preserving the uniqueness of the Savvy Head book? Or would you draw a line?

I know the answer, of course, is derived mostly from the fiction. Its not my job as MC to defend the integrity of the Savvy Head playbook or limit a character's potential. However, it is my job to make the world seem real.

Just food for thought, wondering if anyone has examples from play or thought to share.


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Re: Workspaces for non-Savvy Heads
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I had a Maestro'D who ran a show in an abandoned cineplex.  His crew consisted of about 20 NPCs, both cast and stage crew.  We assumed the back rooms of the theater had all sorts of tech and repair equipment for the theater itself (wires, cables, speakers, microphones, audio components, projector parts, screens, and stuff for fixing these things when they broke).  Since it was a big theater (ten screens) we also assumed general maintenance tools, lifting equipment, ladders, rope, etc.  So when I made up show stuff, we could just assume it (mostly) happened as I pictured it.  None of the NPCs were "savvyheads" but they were savvy at their job, which was to "keep the show running".

Of course, all this stuff *really* showed its promise when a friendly Savvyhead PC actually did enter the maintenance room.

Re: Workspaces for non-Savvy Heads
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Personally I'd be fine with a Driver slowly building out their workspace to ever stranger things. Along the way they probably need to work with the Savvyhead or mechanically minded NPCs, track down the Angel or medical experts, and so forth. But I don't see any need to preserve uniqueness.

Playbooks preserve uniqueness at the onset of play but not after it begins.

Now I haven't actually seen anyone expand their workspace much in play (due to short games/long games without workspaces). But I could see it happen.

Re: Workspaces for non-Savvy Heads
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I ran a Skinner in a spaghetti western apocalypse. His artful and gracious was tied to ornate, quality firearms. The MC allowed my starting barter to be a suitcase full of gun-smithing tools that acted as a limited work space as he traveled from town to town.

The Skinner couldn't do a lot beyond firearm maintenance until he got a better set up, so he charmed the local blacksmith. He didn't have much money for materials so he instigated a party and ended up cleaning house by selling his starting gun to drunk NPC's. Afterward he had some fun guns for him and the Faceless to play with but it took some finagling. 
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