The Mentor?

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The Mentor?
« on: June 02, 2014, 06:33:13 AM »
I haven't really been following the forums but I was curious whether anyone had done up a skin for the adult mentor/counselor figure. Giles in Buffy would be the archetypal one. I can see the tag line now: play the most mysterious creature in the Monsterhearts universe, an adult!

Re: The Mentor?
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As a matter of fact, someone was working on such a Skin though I am not sure if any updates have been made to it since or anything.

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Nice. I was working on my own that wasn't a growing up skin but that helped a lot. I picture it as sort of like the Quarantine in AW, a sharply contrasting perspective that provides a counterpoint to the rest of the group. There's also a bit of the Solace in terms of advances that benefit others. Based on the suggestions in the previous thread, I've modified it slightly to run up the drama. As always, feedback is welcome.

The Mentor - the strangest, most frightening creature in Monsterhearts - a grownup

Pick Two
Withering Gaze: When you successfully Shut Someone Down, they must roll to Hold Steady before they can take any aggressive action against you (Lashing Out but also Hypnosis, Hex Casting etc) for the remainder of the scene in addition to any other effects. NPC's may not attempt violent action against you for the remainder of the scene unless you attack them first. Taking someone else hostage to get what they want from you is just fine.

Obscure Folklore: When you witness an obviously supernatural creature or even just hear first hand accounts, roll +dark.
On a 10+, choose 2
On a 7-9, choose 1
Take a string on the creature.
Give a string on the creature to another PC.
You don't gain a Condition from the MC based on having faced this creature before.

Experience and Training: When someone asks your advice, tell them what you think the best course of action is. You mark gain a string on them and they take +1 ongoing to follow that course. If they don't follow your advice but succeed anyway, they mark experience.

Teamwork: Spend a string on another PC to give them +1 to any roll in your presence or on an NPC to allow them to act at advantage. You must describe how you are assisting them.

Training Montage
When you spend time and effort training someone, choose an advance of theirs that they do not have yet (not Take A Move From Another Skin) or a move that you do and have them roll + Volatile.  On a 7-9, they hold one.  On a 10+, they hold three.  They can spend one hold to gain one use of that advance.  They lose all their hold if they participate in another Training Montage.

Maturity: When you spend time teaching a PC Valuable Life Lessons, roll +Strings.
On a 10+: They unlock one Growing Up Moves advance if they have not done so this way before. (ie they may use an advance to purchase any two Growing Up moves)
On a 7+: They take +1 ongoing to one move of your choice for the remainder of the session.
On a 6 or less you gain the condition Frustrated.

Sex Move: When you teach someone a Valuable Life Lesson, it counts as having sex with them.

If you have sex (real sex, not valuable life lessons) with a PC or someone of similar age, roll +strings you have on them.
On a 10+ both of the following
On a 7-9 choose one
On a 6 or less, neither
Gain the condition Self-Loathing
Become your Darkest Self

Darkest Self: Why are you wasting your life on these kids? They'll never get their shit together if you keep holding their hands. You've put your life on hold for too long. Now its time for them to leave the nest so you can pursue your own interests. Maybe you can finish that sculpture or maybe your dark past has come back to haunt you.  You return to your normal self when someone gets hurt because you refused to intervene or whenever you finish your private goal.

Hot -1, cold 1, volatile -1, dark 1

+1 Hot (Max +3)
+1 Cold (Max +3)
+1 Dark (Max +3)
Gain another Mentor Move
Gain another Mentor Move
Gain a move from another Skin.
Gain a move from your original Skin.
Give another PC a Mentor Move
Give another PC a Mentor Move

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As a matter of fact, someone was working on such a Skin though I am not sure if any updates have been made to it since or anything.

Thank you I was wracking my brain trying to remember where I saw a Mentor Skin. It was really bugging me that I knew it was out there but couldn't remember where.