Monsters! EEK!

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Monsters! EEK!
« on: May 24, 2014, 11:09:46 PM »
So I ran the first game of  my new Monster of the Week.

Everything went well, I will put the AP recording up somewhere when I can.

We ended up with an ott group
 El Azule Pantero - The  Luchadore
Victoria Proudmore - The big game hunter
Rosa Esposito - The action scientist
Abel - The summoned
Hiram- The divine.

the game started off with the Action Scientist detecting a gravitational anomaly that pointed the group in the direction of a local bookstore that contains a lot of "old books that ended in - inomcon".  They arrived and found the building on fire and having to deal with the police straight away that ended in the big game hunter calling in the police chief to give them access to the still burning building.

The divine teleported to the roof ( a recurring theme) when he saw a cloaked figure on the roof, followed by Abel ( a 10 ft tall black demon)  noticing summoning circles and having some banter with the figure.
After Hiram left the roof (teleporting again) to find out what caused a thump from below  and grabbing Pantero and Rosa first leavinf those two inside the building while teleporting back to the roof to help Abel.

things get confusing but here are the highlights - Hiram grabs the cloaked figure and slips off the building  to be saved by Abel, who grabbed the cloaked figure  who was holding up Hiram.

Rosa and Pantero are in the smoke filled 2nd story Pantero does the normal thing and drops to the ground to see the little fire demon legs running around causing trouble . Rosa whips out the electricity cannon and corrals them in the broom closet.

About now Victoria who has just finished talking to the police ( Officers Friendly and Shrewsbury as well as Chief of Police Amy Yang) and sees Hiram and the cloaked figure hanging off the building and misses badly on her read a bat sitch roll so decides to run into the burning building.

During the scuffle upstairs Hiram and Abel are in a tumble with the cloaked figure a girl with amber coloured eyes. Pulling a knife and stabbing Abel who lets her stab him and puches her off him and scrambling to the edge again chasing after a scary looking book.

Hiram jumps after the book and the cloaked figure and falls down after the book grabbing it and teleporting to the first floor just time tumbling up with Victoria before making their way to the 3rd floor where Rosa and Pantero are.

Whipping the door to the broom closet open , Hiram swing his sword at the combined group of ifrit. only half of them get away but there is a bunch friends around who whip out fire extinguishers and kill the rest.

Abel looks over the edge of the building to see the Cloaked figure hit the ground hard, the body of the girl left behind as the cloak flew off to find a new host.

Downstairs Rosa and Pantero find they are trapped by the smoke and must escape out a nearby window swinging down with a batman like grace.
people thrown off buildings/ out windows : 4

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Fun! That sure is a crazy group of hunters!

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We will see how crazy on sunday. We are doing a drop in drop out thing with a large group so I will see how truely crazy it gets.