[Dungeon World] Grokking the Monsters...

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[Dungeon World] Grokking the Monsters...
« on: April 21, 2014, 07:14:46 AM »
I'm still a little fuzzy on how all the bits given for monsters work in DW.

Instincts, for instance: do they have a game affect or are they basically a one sentence version of the behavioral descriptions given in most monster manuals? And the bullet pointed actions, how are they applied? I understand the basic mechanic of 'player fail = Monster move' but I'm not real clear on how and when to apply them, mechanically speaking. Am I just being dense or do other people have to jump this conceptual hurdle when learning the game?

I probably really need to see a full game in action or participate in one. If anyone is running a PbP game over the next month, I'd love to jump in just so I can figure it out before running my hybrid D&D/DW game...

Re: [Dungeon World] Grokking the Monsters...
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Instinct is a quick little drive which helps you play up the monster.
For example, a monster with instinct "to feast on flesh" will react differently to a retreating party than one with "to be left alone in it's next" (the latter will probably not pursue, while the former will).
It's just a shorthand reminder at the table.

As far as moves, when you apply them is exactly the same as any other move. As far as how, it's simply fictional... so, you have the monster do what it says! This might trigger other rules or moves, of course (usually, but not always, damage).

Maybe post a few monsters and I can write up examples?
Either from the book or your own creations.
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Re: [Dungeon World] Grokking the Monsters...
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Come on...[Dungeon World] Grokking the Monsters posted 12-17-12 on RPG.net.

Isn't this getting kinda silly?
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