[Worlds in Peril] Superhero RPG powered by the Apocalypse - Live on Kickstarter

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Worlds in Peril is THE Superhero RPG for the Apocalypse World system! Comic book stories and characters like you've always wanted them!

Worlds in Peril combines descriptive, creative and flexible powers with a narrative structure that encourages players to take control of their stories and build worlds together.  See the Kickstarter page for a description of how this game differs from AW, including:
  • Use of a Powers Profile to describe what your character can do with your powers at varying levels of difficulty (simple to do, difficult, borderline, theoretically possible)
  • Use Descriptive Conditions that have tracks instead of hit points.
  • Character creation using mini-playbooks - an Origin playbook to define the core of the character and a Drive playbook to define the character's current motivation.
  • Advancement tied to what you do in game via Achievements, which are earned by fulfilling prerequisites of new moves and playbooks through roleplaying and story in the game .

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Kickstarter Ends: May 12th, 12:00am EDT



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[Worlds in Peril] Superhero RPG powered by the Apocalypse
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So does anyone have an opinion on this particular PbtA superhero game? I'm particularly interested in what it seems to do well and what it seems to do least well?