Post your awesome Custom Moves!

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Post your awesome Custom Moves!
« on: February 14, 2014, 05:23:28 AM »
Let's see them: the weird, the wacky, the grim, the gritty. The special edge-cases and trimmings that make your Monster of the Week verse different from any other MC. I'll start the fun off with a special Move that I pulled out after my group's Archeresque Professional "accidentally" let a mighty soul-devouring demon out of the tome it had been imprisoned in since the fall of Atlantis, bringing forth a gate directly to hell and a horde of minor demons loose to plague the world of man in addition to unleashing one bad mother fucker of a fiend.

In short, he and Alucard, the grim and dutiful Half-Vampire Monstrous decided that the best course of action in the face of massive destruction and chaos was to warn the vampire's lover via text message and use an Atlantean artifact they had stolen from a secret society to travel back in time to the day before Atlantis was cast into the depths by the force of horrific Lovecraftian entities unleashed by the magi's hubris.

That was when I pulled out this gem, which I'm quite proud of:

When you do something crazy in the past that might fuck about with the future roll +Weird

On a 10+ it's all good. What changes occur in the present or the timeline will be largely positive or minor (your choice).

On a 7-9 it's a problem. Something significant and problematic is changed in the present or the timeline, but it's possible to fix it or mitigate it's effects.

On a 6- it's a big freaking deal. The repercussions will probably be ugly.

Here's another one, after the Dhampir returned home to his lover, horribly wounded and trembling with barely repressed bloodthirst (incurred on a 7-9 result to hold back from chewing on the professional)


Ah. Elena is delicious is she not? Perhaps a little bit too delicious, especially with you as hungry and savage as you are right now. We know it's going to be bad, but let's see how bad. Roll +Cool for me pretty please.

On a 10+ you stop yourself before you go over the brink and irrevocably harm the woman you love. She'll be weak and need help doing even basic things for several months, but she'll recover with time and care. You're rich, so you can afford the physical therapy and such...but do you really want to leave her alone in the state she's in?

On a 7-9 it's as the above, and you feel yourself taken by an entirely different type of hunger. She gives herself to you in the midst of the Kiss as she has so many times before. But she's never done so while you've carried so much of her blood inside her. Expect the arrival of a little stranger...sooner rather than later. (The player himself suggested this after he established that Half-Vampires in this setting are infertile and are unknown to produce viable offspring).

On a 6- you come to covered in her blood, her life ebbing away as she lies at your feet. You have but a few minutes before she passes on...far too little time for conventional medicine to save her this far from a hospital. But I hear that demon you know...Bathsheba was it? Yeah, she's always willing to help out. Or you know, perhaps you have a different idea. Whatever it is though, you better act on it quickly. She doesn't have much time left.

And finally, here's a move I busted out when the Professional (on suspension for an investigation into his potentially negligent behavior) snuck into his Agency's facilities and tried to steal back his weapons (and more) for an unauthorized dragon hunt.

When you try to steal equipment from the Agency name a few things that you want and roll +Sharp

On a 10+ you've got them, and get out without anyone noticing anything untoward.

On a 7-9 you've got them, but there's a problem. You're followed by Agency officers, or else you just so happened to take the supplies or weapons with tracking chips imbedded in them.

On a 6- you're caught red handed. Hope you have an explanation.

I look forward to hearing all of the crazy custom moves you've used in your games to give your MOTW verse it's special flair!

Re: Post your awesome Custom Moves!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2014, 04:54:19 AM »
    So after some significant craziness happened after time-travel to the ancient city of Atlantis to make sure the tome holding the great demon Alkamath never fell into mortal hands, our Monstrous ended up slaying the Hierarch/Emperor of Atlantis who would have doomed Atlantis with a conjured angel and claiming the tome of Alkamath for himself to bring into the present (thus preventing Scott from having inadvertently brought forth the demon).

    Meanwhile, our Professional joined forces with the Empress who had been captured by the Hierarch of Atlantis as a sacrifice to the Void in an effort to destroy her kingdom's army. She admired his strength and ambition, and having already planned to conquer Atlantis, offered to have him join her as her consort and come back to subjugate the city and it's subjects. His player told me "Yeah Scott's going to take her up on it, rule for around 10 years before using the amulet we used to travel back in time in the first place to return to the present. As I'm ruling, I'm also going to study rare atlantean lore."

    Needless to say, I needed to call a break after I rolled for the "When you fuck around with something in the past" move a couple of times while I figured out what the repercussions of all these moves would be, a move to establish how his rulership of Atlantis influenced the future, and a move to represent his brief tutelage under some of the most powerful magi in history. So here they are:

When you (I never thought I'd have occasion to write this) rule Atlantis as it's emperor roll +Charm

On a 10+ All Three

  • You are a noble and kind-hearted ruler
  • You are a revolutionary and effective ruler
  • Your name is remembered throughout history

On a 7-9 Choose 2

On a 6- You were a horrible ruler. Choose one of the following:

  • The people can only bear your rule for so long. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
  • You rule for a long time, but you drive your lands to the brink of destruction

When you study for years with the most powerful magi of Atlantis...gain the Master of Arcane Lore Move. If you already have it, gain knowledge of an ancient ritual that's been lost for thousands of years in the present.

Master of Arcane Lore:You gain +1 Weird. When you perform Big Magic and the GM tells you what it will take, you can ignore 1 of the conditions.

Thank you Mike Sands (and Sami, and Mike Stuewe) for a wonderful game-this night's session was one of my most enjoyable since I first started gaming

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« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2015, 11:48:29 AM »
Here are some of my custom moves I've made. Two of my groups had a couple people each wanting to be a different type of monstrous (Incubus and a Demon)...and a (Half-Dragon/Sidekick and a Lizardman), and there was also a Monkey monk that I based off a customised Initiate - it got kind of Dungeons and Dragons/Monsters hunting other Monsters :P but considering there was 6 people per group, I wasn't too fussed with customising Monstrous playbooks.

The Incubus got access to some Monstrous moves and these ones -
Dream Walker: You can gain basic access to the dreams of any sleeping target; dreams can give you more signifcant information when possible. To investigate dreams further roll +Weird. On a 10+ hold 3, 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, take 1-harm ignore armour.
Illusion Manipulation: Roll +Weird, 10+ cast a powerful illusion, 7-9 there is a glitch, and a miss results in being exhausted. Complicated or larger illusions take more time to cast.

The Monk got access to some Initiate moves and these ones -
Endure Pain: +1 armour, stackable.
Astral Projection: While meditating you can project an astral form that is physically invisible, can phase through solid matter and levitate, you cannot attack. Your physical body is however, vulnerable.
Chi Blocking: Add +1 harm and "disable" to your unarmed attacks. Disable does not work on armoured targets. Take +1 forward if successful.

The Half-Dragon was a Monstrous who was a Side-kick, so other than the curse, the character was a side-kick overall. He did get this though -
Flamebreath: 3-harm area/far obvious magic fire

The Lizardman got quite a few -
Camoflage: Stealth ability allows you to loosely meld in natural environments, +1 ongoing in natural environments
Aquatic Physiology: Strong swimmer and underwater adaptability, gaining +1 ongoing in aquatic environements
Wall Crawling: Quadrupedally walk on solid surfaces; can only use tail or spit in attacks.
Detachable Limbs: Can opt to detach a limb to turn harm to 0 when attacked physically, will receive -1 ongoing, eventually healing back the limb and +1 heal.