The Other Places To Talk Dungeon World

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The Other Places To Talk Dungeon World
« on: September 25, 2013, 10:44:22 AM »
Short version: you may find more active discussion on the Dungeon World Google+ Community:

Or the Dungeon World Reddit:

Long version: when we first started DW we created a forum here like every other hack. It was great for getting started, but at this point it's a bit of a pain. Especially when we attract so many new users, who Vincent then has to approve. Meanwhile, the Dungeon World Google+ Community has grown like crazy and has dozens of new great posts every day.

So, feel free to post here—we're still watching, and this forum will remain open. Just know that the Google+ Community is the most active dedicated DW discussion, and that you we also regularly read and respond to threads everywhere from to Reddit.