Using Runequest cults as Compendium Classes - seeking input

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Using Runequest cults as Compendium Classes - seeking input
« on: August 23, 2013, 02:36:59 PM »
Or any Pantheon for that matter. I think I'd like to use Glorantha as my setting for an upcoming campaign, and in said world religion takes a much bigger role than in must rpg. SO... would you see an issue with generating membership in a cult/ religion as a compendium class available at character generation? from my understanding of compendium classes there is a requirement to join, in this case membership in the cult and sacrafice on holy days, and then it provides a "move" and options for additional moves as level increases.
As an example (off the cusp no real thought went into it as yet);
When you are the Cleansing Wind you receive this move:
RAGE! (Insert description of Breserk Rage move here)

The following moves are class moves and may be taken when you level up:
Smell Chaos- blah blah
Defy Chaos- blah blah
Fight while dying- blah blah

everyone would have a starting cult with a basic move and 3-5 available moves.

Your thoughts?