Firefly/Serenity Hack

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Firefly/Serenity Hack
« on: August 13, 2013, 05:01:31 PM »
Hey I'm just trying to get a quick Firefly/Serenity Hack going from Monster of the Week for my usual crew, I've font adjusted the Playbook Template and I'm considering making a few new Custom Moves to fit with the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse.

Playbook wise I'm thinking these will make up the core crew:

1) The Captain

2) Pilot

3) Mechanic

4) Doctor

5) Priest

6) Mercenary

7) Courtesan

8) Experiment

Right now I'm just Hacking in Moves from current Monster of the Week Playbooks to where they fit in theme. I've also removed Weird as a Rating because I don't think it fits in the setting.

Any suggestions or Custom Moves you guys would like to put forth for the Hack? One thing I'm strongly considering is making the DIY First Aid from The Wronged into a Basic Move, because it and the Medic Move were picked up by pretty much everyone in our usual Monster of the Week game.

I'm also not sure how to build up a space ship in this system or what mechanics should be used for space and any suggestions would be helpful!

I'll attach what I've done thus far...

It's just the Template for the Playbooks.

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My advice would be to take a look at Apocalypse World. I think that's a lot closer to Firefly in style, and should require a bit less changing around. There's definitely some threads around that map AW classes to their Firefly equivalents (and the mapping is 1 to 1).

For spaceship rules, check out Adventures on Dungeon Planet - that's a SF supplement for Dungeon World that includes some spaceship rules that look pretty cool.

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There's a pretty fully formed Battlestar Galactica AW hack that would probably start a lot closer to Firefly than MoTW.

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« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2013, 07:27:22 PM »
I've almost finished hacking together an unholy love child of mechanics, rules and moves from Monster of the Week, The Sprawl, Dungeon World, Adventures on Dungeon Planet, and roughly sprinkled with the trappings of Serenity/Firefly.

It is super duper rough draft and I've only just finished the first run of The Captain playbook. I'll post it when I'm done all the playbooks and the draft. It makes sense to me though, and will hopefully make sense to my group when I'm finished.

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Well here's the basic rules. The Captain playbook is almost ready, but the others haven't even been started.