Brief introductions to LE playbooks?

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Brief introductions to LE playbooks?
« on: August 13, 2013, 04:35:16 AM »
The brief introductions to the playbooks in AW is very helpful.
I was just wondering if there exist similar introductions to the LE playbooks?

I found a good one for the faceless. I also found a list that mostly just parroted the playbooks own colour intros with an added warning
on what the playbook wasn't. While the warning is useful it doesn't really explain the LE playbooks like the ones in AW does.

Re: Brief introductions to LE playbooks?
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These are my own interpretations:

The Quarentine is about finding your place place in the Apocalypse and also exploring more about the Apocalypse itself. Play this if you want to dwell on the future and the past since you can develop in many different directions and the facts of the past can change the path you're walking.

Play the Maestro'D if you want to be in the social center of the world. People live in the Hardholders hardhold but they visit your place because they want to.