Dx mechanics - Character Creation and their history

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Dx mechanics - Character Creation and their history
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I pick up the Minions Inc book and give this awesome concept a try with my fellow gamers, but I had some doubts to clarify here:

1 - In the Character Creation, Dx section stats:

Assign Dx as instructed.
a. You have 6 Dx to distribute among the people you tell (max +3, min +1)
b. Your Employer will take 2Dx from you.
c. If you report to a Trusted Advisor take 1Dx with them and they will take
1Dx from you.

How this looks like in practice? Check my example and see if this right:

The #027 is a henchman shadow and he said that he stole the pokemon collection from Brute #001 to ensure his will in debt with him (Place +3Dx in his name). Brute #001 also state he kill #027´s annoying rival in a very brutal way (this player allocate +1 in his name) so the shadow of this group is in debt to him. After this, 027 and 001 has some Dx point to spent yet, but following the rules above, when the employer will take the 2Dx? After all players debts are alocated or during the process?

If the employer is defeated by the adversary and PC minions find a new job in another evil organization, the new boss took 2Dx from them as per character creation or not?

Thanks for the help.

All my best regards,

Alessandro Franzen
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Re: Dx mechanics - Character Creation and their history
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The 2Dx that the Employer gets is separate from the 6Dx that your get to distribute amongst your fellow Minions.

If you get a new employer, give that Employer 2Dx.  You owe him for hiring you at all.