4-harm gangs

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4-harm gangs
« on: June 03, 2013, 03:05:10 AM »
Hey! I'm interested to hear how you interpret the 4-harm gang a hardholder can have in terms of weaponry. Also the other harm-levels as a comparisson and if you've had a gang with more than 4-harm!

I'm pretty consistent with it:
1-sticks and stones
2-tools as weapons, knives, pistols and low calibre rifles (weapon type determines their range capabilities)
3-assault rifles, high caliber rifles, swords, power tools as weapons
4- it's come up two times
- almost mint condition assault rifles with red dot sights, scopes, underslung grenade launchers (quiet desperation as more and more of them broke down and the hardhold depended on raiding and dominating its neighbours)
- lots of grenades and staff slings in addition to 2-harm weapons and some real grenade launchers too (explosives were locked up in the armory and psychic agents they had failed to root out blew the armory up)

Re: 4-harm gangs
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My usual rule of thumb is:
1-harm: melee weapons.  They're going to have a lot more trouble getting all their people to bear on targets than people with ranged weapons, so crowbars, hammers, knives, so on come up here.
2-harm: basically pistols, possibly sprinkled with a couple more effective weapons.  Revolver and semi-automatic fire.
3-harm: serious guns, as per gunluggers.  Shotguns, SMGs, rifles.  If the weapon mix makes for a tactical advantage or disadvantage per the fiction, this shows up in the actions taken.
4-harm: big fuck-off guns, as per gunluggers.  Usually dominantly assault rifles, there, although MG, sniper, or grenade availability is highly likely.

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A .50 cal MG mounted on a vehicle of some kind? RPGs and other shoulder-mounted badness? Heavy cavalry, maybe? Trebuchets and catapults? Mortars? Other artillery?