The Genre-Savvy Hero (Final name not yet determined)

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The Genre-Savvy Hero (Final name not yet determined)
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When you realize that stories have real power in your world, or that you’re actually a fictional character, or something along that spectrum, you may take this move when you next level up:

All The World’s A Stage

You know a lot about stories. After all, you’re in one! Choose what sort of story you’re in:
A comic tale bouncing from one hilarious mishap to the next.
A dashing tale of death-defying exploits and daring-do.
A sordid tale of revenge and passion.
A twisted tale of conspiracies and secrets.
When you act on this knowledge in a way that complicates your life and the lives of those around you, you gain 1-Plot. You may have a maximum of 3-Plot. You may expend Plot to gain +1 forward to an action, or to declare something true that otherwise might not be.

Afterward, you may take the following moves when you level up:

Pulpy Dialogue
Good stories need good dialogue. Bad stories need great dialogue. When you make a terrible pun/fire off a snappy line as appropriate to your tale, you may expend 1-Plot to maximize your damage die or automatically succeed on a Defy Danger roll.

The Story’s Not Over Yet
When you are about to die before your time, you may expend all of your Plot before rolling Last Breath. If you do, the following changes apply. If you roll 7-9 on Last Breath, instead of making a bargain with Death, you find that he’s been following your story. He’s willing to let you go because he wants to see how it ends. If you roll 6-, he’s got his own ideas about where the story should go, and will only let you return if you agree to his demands.

A Million To One
When you purposefully choose the most dangerous path available to you, trusting in your plot-relevance to pull you through odds that anybody else would think truly impossible, you may expend 1-Plot for one of the following effects:
You and another person or object come out the other end completely unscathed.
Despite what happens to you, your mission is utterly successful; nothing can take this away or reverse it.

Wording is clunky and I'm not sure about the mechanics still. Thoughts?