Faceless move question

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Faceless move question
« on: March 20, 2013, 06:41:25 PM »
Hey all,

The move Norman in the Faceless playbook reads as follows:

Norman: you seek the advice of your mask. Roll+weird to see what it
directs you to do. On a 10+ mark experience and take a +1 if you do as your
mask wishes. On a 7–9, take a +1 if you do what it wants and act under fire
if you don’t. On a miss, it has its own agenda and act under fire if you don’t
follow it.

If you blow the acting under fire roll, does this force the player to follow up on his/her mask's intentions? Or is this just another chance for the MC to make a hard move?

Re: Faceless move question
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Just a hard move as normal. I guess it would depend on the situation and the personality of the mask/faceless.



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Re: Faceless move question
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Nope. Act under fire doesn't force you to do anything.

"On a 10+, you do it. On a 7–9, you flinch, hesitate, or stall: the MC can offer you a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choice."

On a miss GM makes a move.
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Re: Faceless move question
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Duuuuuuuude, on a miss you could have someone else do the Mask's bidding.

The Mask can become a threat on its own.

How did I not realize this before?