Rope User Compedium Class

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Rope User Compedium Class
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:52:54 AM »
Here is something I made on a whim. I'm a bit worried that there are not enough other moves to chose or if the first 3 are too boring or the last move too much, so let me know if anythings needs some reworking.

The Rope User

When you successfully use rope in an inspired or unusual manner you may take the following move when you next level up.

Forget Me Knot

You now have 20 feet of sturdy rope  (1 weight) at all times, should you lose this rope during the course of the adventure it will be restored to you when you next visit civilization or if you have the necessary materials on hand to make one anew  the next time you set camp.

Once you have taken Forget Me Knot you may take the following moves as class moves when leveling up.

Spelunking Warrior

You may treat your rope as a weapon that deals class damage with the Close and Reach tags.

Master Rope User

You take +1 ongoing when using rope in any way. Your knots are always secured only yielding to your own hand or sharpened blade.

Rope Trick

When you look out the corner of your eye and try to lasso what you see up in the air roll +Int, on a Hit you catch and anchor an invisible pocket dimension for a day, on a 10+ choose two, 7-9 choose one.

*You can bring the rope up with you and not end the move.

*The pocket dimension can’t be spied upon by magic.

*The pocket dimension is not already occupied.



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Re: Rope User Compedium Class
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2013, 05:45:02 AM »
I'm a bard ropemaster, I can make a trumpet knot and use it as my instrument.

Which of these knots do you use to fetch a pocket plane?

I can sort of see the damage potential if you use a rope to first make a monkey hand knot, preferably with something nasty inside the monkey hand, like a rock or small piece of metal, then swinging the rope more or less like a ball&chain.

Another way to hurt someone with a rope would be to trap them with the rope and yoink really hard! Maybe you dislocate a shoulder, make them fall over, fall on the face, choke them with a noose... It seems very gimmicky and not exactly technical efficiency. Unless you have a magical rope, I think it would be very hard making it work.

"I'm the master of ropes! Fear me!" *lots of tricks, making knots and being a show off*

"Cool". *fires crossbow*. Just like Indiana Jones ;)

Re: Rope User Compedium Class
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He he the rope as a weapons was a sticking point I wasn't sure if I should define it's damage or simply use class damage, class damage won mostly as if you are limited by what damage you could do by class. I mean a fighter and a wizard can both use a dagger but one does 1d10 the other 1d4.

As for rope trick I just put it there cause it was cool, of course maybe i should make another move so people could ignore it but I'm tapped out about what else I could do.



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Re: Rope User Compedium Class
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2013, 04:00:06 AM »
Instead of Spelunking Warrior;

+++Captain Lasso!+++ (or whatever else that fit)
You can easily ensnare enemies with ropes within close and reach range. Roll+DEX.
10+: all your opponents within reach range are tied together, making a bundle of trouble for them! Pick two:
*All allies take +1 forward when attacking the tied up opponents.
*All allies does an additional d4 damage towards tied up opponents.
*Take +2 forward on the next Defy Danger in this combat.
*Disarm the opponents of everything in their hands.
7-9: You manage to lasso one opponent. Pick one of the above options.
Miss: Ops! You get tangled up in your own ropes! The GM can be inspired from the options above to make trouble for you or your allies.