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Awesome Points
« on: February 16, 2013, 09:46:20 PM »
I really like Dungeon World. I've been trying to decide between Dungeon World and Old School Hack ( ) for a game I'm prepping.

I strongly favor Dungeon World, but one thing I like from Old School Hack is Awesome Points.
Awesome Points are basically a mix of XP and Pathfinder's hero points. If somebody does something awesome, they get an awesome point. An awesome point let's them boost damage, create NPCs and find the right gear, and some other narrative tweaks. When everyone gains and spends 12 awesome points, the whole party levels up.

I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate this mechanic into Dungeon World. I guess I could just use it as is, but I like how Dungeon World uses the failure as a good thing too.

So how about this:
Start with a pool of 2.5 awesome points per player in the center of the table.
If a player does something awesome, any other player can take a point from the pool and give it to the awesome player. When a player rolls a 1-6, the DM adds 2 awesome points to the pool.

Players can spend awesome points as follows:
1 point to add or subtract 1 from any damage roll
2 points to gain an additional use of your adventurer's pack, ammo, or similar equipment
3 points to add +1 to any ability roll.

When each party member gains and spends 10+ their level in awesome points, cheer because you're all awesome, then the entire party can level up when you have a chance to camp.

is this too complicated? Should points do more? Dumb idea? I wanted to leave most narrative elements to the normal questions and answers.

Re: Awesome Points
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2013, 11:40:36 PM »
Easy hack, at the end of the session, add the question "Did every character do something awesome?"  If the answer is yes, everyone marks XP. 


Put some tokens in the middle of the table.  Whenever you think someone else does something awesome, give them a token.  At the end of the session, tokens may be spent, 1 for 1, to:
- ask another character a question
- have them ask you a question

The former is less bookkeeping, fits within a preexisting mechanism, and has a token impact on the XP economy.  The later rewards excellent input into the game with some time to bask in the spotlight or shine it on someone else.  It also lets you have a couple in-character asides at the end of a session where characters can share thoughts, feelings, intents, or backstory.

Re: Awesome Points
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 07:25:00 PM »
Hexabolic is using Awesome Points in his amazing game of World of Dungeons:

AWESOME POINTS. We're using Awesome Points from Old School Hack, offered pretty much whenever someone rolls a crit or does something awesome. I tried the Other Worlds approach of handing everyone two chips to offer to other players as Fan Mail, so we'll see how that goes. One Awesome Point can be used to heal 1 HP, grant a +1 bonus to a roll, or make a small narrative statement about the immediate scene, such as "there's a lantern hanging from a pole at the edge of the plaza" or "these chains have a lot of rust and might have some weaker parts." So far, nobody's used them for this last bit. They've effectively been using their Awesome Points as a pool, so long as the holder can narrate some way in which they're helping the person who needs the points. You can spend as many AweP as you like in a round.



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Re: Awesome Points
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2013, 05:50:37 PM »
I've been using Awesome points since way back when (I can't find my original post) and we use bright yellow d6s as tokens of awesome. We usually start with one die per player in the middle of the table (though you could add more if you want the game to be faster levelling or more heroic).

They are garnered as suggested by Marshall and Blake, either through acts of awesome or taking one instead of an XP on a miss. They are synonymous with XP (though you can't exchange an earned XP for an awesome dice, though that might be a nice fate style resource economy... Hmmmm)

They can spent during the end of session move to add to a character's XP total or spent during play to:
Heal +1d6 of HP (must be narratively explained - to do it, do it), or grant a +1d6 bonus to a roll, (if its a move, the player chooses the two results they want from the pool, if its damage then its an additional +1d6), or make a narrative statement about the immediate scene.