AP: Blackwood

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AP: Blackwood
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:30:38 AM »
So this game is approximately three hundred flavors of awesome. I don't know if anyone has taken steps to run this game play-by-post on a forum but I can tell you it's turning out fabulously.

Due to the nature of PBP I'm sort of arbitrarily cutting the game up into episodes and we just finished our first one after a month of real time play (with everyone posting once or twice a day).

The Cast:

Mika, the Infernal - her bargain with the Fallen inspired me a little bit to really go hog wild with the idea of the Dark Power; not only is the Dark Power omnipresent, he's also Judas (yes, that Judas). He teaches History.

Cat, the Queen - Pretty awful, she has some kind of psychic bond over her band and wields them socially like pawns on a chessboard. She craves domination of all kinds.

Torin, the Chosen - This guy's player went hog wild on the backstory. Long story short he's a super senior rich kid with more anger issues than Carter's has pills. Also has a huge family who I am delighting in torturing/killing off/turning into monsters.

Selvaggia, the Werewolf - An Italian exchange student/foster kid, was sent away by her werewolf family in the old country as some kind of test. Spent the first half of the first episode being chased by a crazy vampire and then the second half murdering people by the bucket load in Darkest Self. Extremely unstable.

Michael, the Angel - Yes, that Michael.

The Story So Far: The short version is that everything went to hell in a handbasket in a very short time; I felt like as MC my job was simply to set the PCs on crash courses with each other and watch the mayhem. Noteworthy events included Mika stealing a book from Torin's library to use in a ritual by Judas to raise Allison as a ghoul; Michael crashing said ritual and smiting the Hell out of Judas; Torin losing track of his twin sister Ashley; Selvie becoming her darkest self after being tormented by Donovan Brady (a vampire), murdering quite a few bystanders, and making off with Ashley and then turning her; Donovan throwing some mind juju down on Cat's band and then trying to turn her into a snack.

Needless to say it's a hell of a ride.

If you guys want to follow along it's being played here.