NPC sheet

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NPC sheet
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:10:41 AM »
Hey guys!

I worked up this spreadsheet in google sheets to help me organize my NPCs. This way at the end of a session I can look at my notes on who's dead, who's switched teams, etc, and update the sheet. During play, I have the doc opened on my laptop so I can recall quickly what genders people are and which parts they follow as well as any special info that may not be listed in my fronts sheets.

Here's the link:

Does anyone else have a good system for keeping track of this sort of information? I'd love to see what's out there.

Re: NPC sheet
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I use a mind map, and I am trying to track the following items:

NPC Name
Hated by
Feared By
Liked by

I like the idea of using a spreadsheet instead, as the mind map can get unwieldy. But this is a lot of data to track.
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Re: NPC sheet
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I use the spreadsheet in conjunction with a relationship map and the fronts. The Map helps me track how they relate to one another and to the PCs (fear, love, suspicion, etc), and the fronts help remind me of their impulse. The spreadsheet just allows me to keep extra notes on all of them in a quickly accessible way without having to clutter up my other materials.

I've also found it to be useful for when the character's show up somewhere and I need some names pretty quick. "So you go to grab the totem from the blanket in front of the Mud Clan's shack, but Pabst and Spare get in your way." Now I can see pretty quickly what Pabst and Spare's gender's are and which parts they follow. This list is really helpful, I'm likely to grab a few of these categories and expand my sheet, so thanks!