Death of a Monstrous?

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Death of a Monstrous?
« on: January 10, 2013, 10:11:22 PM »
I have a question concerning the Monstrous skin. If a monstrous is killed in a manor not related to the creature's weakness, can he/she come back to life. For instance shooting a vampire to full harm, without decapitating / burning / staking. If they can be killed normally, what makes a Monstrous different than an actual monster of the same type other than working for the good guys?

Re: Death of a Monstrous?
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First up, Monstrous hunters do not have a weakness the way that Monster threats do. So, yes, unless otherwise specified  Monstrous hunter can get blown away as normal, without having the bad guys do anything special. This is because hunter get treated differently than threats, because we are fans of the hunters but not necessarily fans of the monsters.


This may vary for each game. If the Monstrous is a vampire, and in your MotW game vampires can always come back unless (for example) they are staked through the heart, then you might want to make a custom move for the hunter.

One easy possibility is to have the Monstrous always able to heal up until "properly" killed, but have them roll the Resurrection move each time (see p. 67). Note that because high Weird is bad here, bad results are fairly likely.