A potential XP mechanic

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A potential XP mechanic
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:13:09 AM »
Idea for advancement in hack. Assume that you've got basic moves that everyone can do, plus playbook-specific moves like most hacks have.

You only start with one playbook-specific move; heck, maybe you don't start with any.

You also start with a handful of XP.  2-5, you'd have to play with the #s.

You can use any move in your playbook, but must spend 1 XP on it each time you use it.  After you spend a certain amount of XP on a move (3? 5? varies move-to-move?), you permanently gain that move. No more need to spend XP on it.

This approach would only really work for moves that were intrinsic to the character. For things like "My Other Car is a Tank" or "Collector," you'd probably need more of an "upgrade" or "add-on" option where you bought the character trait with a big batch of XP.  That'd also cover things like the gunlugger getting a gang.

For added fun, make there be a basic or peripheral move that you can spend XP on.  Like, "when you take harm and spend 1 XP, take 1 harm less but lose something: your footing, your grip, something valuable."

Take it another step, and you could have "move trees," where permanently getting a move unlocks another move that you can now use by spending XP (which can itself be eventually paid for permanently).

I'm not even sure I like the idea, but thought I'd put it out there.