It's you. You are the psychic maelstrom.

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It's you. You are the psychic maelstrom.
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And then John was a zombie I think I got it. Not like "Vincent put a joke in there" got it, more like "if you tilt your head and squint a litte" got it.

Opening your brain to the psychic maelstrom is really the character getting a direct line to you, the MC.

So next time I'm MCing I'm go try this: whenever a character opens their brain to the psychic maelstrom, I'm just gonna be me. Take a step back, casually review the situation like I'm watching a TV show and tell them whatever I feel about it, how I can direct this better. Like "yeah, don't you think it's a little boring all this? I think storming someone all guns blazing, gang and all, is a great idea." And when they blow it, I'm gonna judge them as I would some character in a show and give them what I think they deserve. Mean is good, of course, 6- and all, but not necessarily. "Yeah, Uncle is a dick, always picking on the weaker and all. A fucking bully. I'm going to show him how it feel to be bullied upon, should teach'im a lesson or three."

So? Am I onto something? Is it so obvious how come I didn't get it before? Or is it so far-fetched it's like "the death star is real an ovum and the starfighters are spematozoids"? A good idea? A boring one? A stupid one? Or what?
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Re: It's you. You are the psychic maelstrom.
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+1 from me.

Re: It's you. You are the psychic maelstrom.
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Also, I'd like to apologize for the autocorrect software of my ipod who went crazy in the first post, and now I can't edit it :(