Apocalypse: Emergence - a (slightly) different way to play Apocalypse World

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I'm not entirely sure what the best thing to do is (it was never my intention to mix "Emergence" characters with normal AW characters, after all). I think you can use them alongside if you really want (just total up the Bonds to determine Hx numbers), but it would probably be better to gradually "convert" one side to the other.

I'm curious if anyone else has had a chance to play an Apocalypse: Emergence campaign, and, if so, how did it go?

This is quite a few years old now.

I wonder if anyone aside from "As If" has used these rules in a game of AW, and, if so, how did it go?

I just found this and it looks cool.  I know you are looking for play tests, so I'm not sure you are going to like this.  I'm changing A:E to suit my needs as a Solo-Player.  I'm also using info from AW2e.  Once I finish the first version I post it here.  I'll work on my Solo-Play after that.

Of course! Go for it, and let me know how it works out for you.