Black Seas of Infinity draft

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Black Seas of Infinity draft
« on: October 27, 2012, 01:52:33 AM »
So, here is a draft for eschaton part 1: Black Seas of Infinity.

How do I pitch it?

It's a sci-fi / horror hack of AW. It has moves and stuff, but the stats and modifiers work differently, and hopefully reference the fiction a lot. I've tried to be as aggressively fiction-first as possible, while still keeping abstract injury and sanity tracks so the MC can disclaim decision-making on those points.

Doesn't have an exact setting except for the future. You try to stop "the end of the world" from happening, but you (or the MC) have to make that up. It's supposed to be trans-humanist, without being post-human or getting the two confused, and there's no aliens per se, just humans (who can become like aliens) and the end of the world (which could be aliens).

There's a definite emphasis on covert ops and even h+miltechpr0n, although later drafts will have more options. And probably more Solaris.

Re: Black Seas of Infinity draft
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Oh I should probably have a warning too: Lots of things are incomplete. There's only a few archetypes (playbooks), there's no initial setup questions sheet, there's no explanation of scars at all, and there's only one of the four optional rules sections detailed here. Also, lots of stuff is barely explained at all.
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